How to Make Baby Gender Reveal Scratch Cards

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If you didn't already know we are having a BOY!!  It was a dramatic reveal [at least for me].  We went into the ultrasound room and mentioned [okay repeatedly told] the tech we would really like to know the sex of the baby.  He went through and did his thing.  He showed us the baby's strong heart, sweet face, little hands.  There is nothing more amazing than seeing that little itty baby up on that screen.  Finally after about 20 minutes he went to look.  At this point my heart was galloping with excitement and without a doubt he said you are having a BOY!  The hubby let out a big cheer and the feeling was overwhelming.  Wow a little boy.  He printed out the proof and told us he has no doubt, so looks like we'll be welcoming a little man into the world. 

I couldn't tell you beforehand that I felt like I was having a girl or a boy.  I had no idea, all I knew was that this pregnancy was really different than my Boo Bear.  I'm still a bit nervous but not as much as before.  My hubby of course is thrilled and I am excited for him.  I know he looks forward to doing all those things boys do.  I have cherished my time with my little lady doing all the fun girly stuff so I can understand.

If you follow me on social media you would know that I mailed out scratch cards to family and made the big announcement online.  But you can also use my DIY scratch card idea as a game at your baby shower or gender reveal party!  There are a ton of baby shower invitations and announcements that you can pick and choose from on Shutterfly.    

You can download this card design HERE on Flickr.  If you have any trouble shoot me an email and let me know I can usually be of some help but no guarantees.  Also, if you don't want to make them yourself you can buy them on Etsy. 

The scratch off part is super duper easy to make and the best part is you can make them in advance, which is what I did.  When we found out I just used the boy stickers on the cards.  

All you need is silver acrylic paint,soap, tape, and a brush.

Mix the paint and soap together [more paint than soap]. The soap is what lets you scratch the paint off. 

I printed the "boy" stickers on white address labels because I already had them.  Put tape over the word and get ready to paint.  You can avoid the tape portion if you print them on those clear labels. 

The first layer will still show the word so wait until it dries and then paint another layer on.  It took about three layers to cover the word completely. 

Once they were dry and ready to be put on the cards I peeled and trimmed them.  Stuck it on there and WALA your own scratch off cards. 

Oh the possibilities!  You can even do it in different colors. I know my family really enjoyed it and so did I. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email.  Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is so exciting for you!!! And I love those scratch off cards, I can't think of a more fun way to send announcements!

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  3. I like Scratch Cards , I can't think of a more fun way to send announcement!

  4. What font is the "OH BABY" in? I want type out the gender in the same font.

  5. Nice idea i will make such cards for my kids and i am really thank full to you did anybody know how the company use Toner Cartridges to print such a secure scratch card so nobody can access the hidden number without scratching card.

  6. What font is the "little man" and "little lady" ? I would love to use that for my gender reveal cards.

  7. I loved the article. By the way, now it's also possible to select baby gender for a desired baby, perfect family balancing and all. Isn't it amazing?

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