Thursday, December 19, 2013

Easy Christmas Card Holder

Been getting oddles of Christmas cards?  I love Christmas cards, sending them out and getting them too.  I had this big elaborate plan on how to display them in the house, but things got so busy it didn't happen.  Had to stick to the quick and easy way but it still came out pretty cute.

It doesn't really get much easier than this.  I took some clothes pins and pretty scrap book paper from my stash.  Use Modge Podge to put the paper on the clothes pins.  I call this crafting therapy.  Did it after a hard day and it made me feel much better.

Got some ribbon from my stash and used masking tape to tape it to the door.  Used it for the the clothes pins too.  The tape holds perfectly but you can hot glue it on too.  I just like the fact that I can move the clothes pins if I need to.

Take your stack of cards and hang them up! 

And yes some of the cards on the door are ours over the years.  Can you spot the one from our very first Christmas together as a married couple!  How time flies!

It's very festive in our kitchen and I just had to share this darling candy advent we have that came all the way from Germany!  Isn't it so pretty?! 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

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