Monday, December 9, 2013

Free Printout for Paper Nativity

A Facebook friend of mine shared this link for a paper nativity today and I fell in love.  It looked so cute we just had to do it!  You can find the free print out pages HERE.  

I printed it on card stock so it stands up nice. 

We colored them together and chatted about random things that two almost three year old's talk about...

I love that she drew happy faces on some of the characters and attempted to write her name in the stable.   

When we were cutting I introduced who the character were that we were cutting.  By the way for parents of preschoolers, this coloring page is great practice for cutting since it's mostly straight lines.  Then she started putting the scene together.

My favorite piece is baby Jesus.  How adorable that he lays perfectly in the little manger.  

I love it and so does she, so much so that she asked me to tell the story to her three times.  The fun part is you can put the characters on the animals as if they are riding them.

 I browsed Joel's page for other fun printout's and guess what... he is amazing. A talented artist and so awesome for sharing his ideas and printouts for FREE!  I pretty much spent 30 minutes saving all his printouts for the future.  He has a dinosaur one I know she would love, a paper woodpecker that actually pecks on a rubber band, a blow fish... oh my goodness so many cute things!  Definitely take the time to browse his site you won't be disappointed.  

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. This is adorable!!! I am definitely going to print one of these for my little cousin!! And how happy Cindy looks!


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