Monday, February 24, 2014

A Very Princess Birthday

You all know I love parties.  I come from a big family who loves to get together, eat good food, and have a good time.  Planning for parties and crafting runs in my blood [seriously].  My hubby on the other hand comes from the complete opposite kind of family.  They didn't get a lot of big birthday bashes like love bug did when she turned one and two.  Kid's parties just aren't his thing.  

So this year I compromised and skipped the big party and you know what, it was a special and intimate birthday... it was perfect.  The celebrating began at Disney World.  That was our big birthday present to her.  And even though we weren't having a party I still sent out birthday announcements.  Printed through Mpix of course.  I chose a square DIY invite since I did this design myself and printed on the pearl paper.  I wanted to try something new and was pleasantly pleased. It has a sparkly shimmer to it that added to the very pink princess invites.

The timing was perfect because on her actual birthday our church was hosting a princess breakfast.  They did such a good job decorating the children's area with pink and purple poms, setting up pretty table settings, and serving up some yummy pancakes with sprinkles and whip cream.  I was giddy with how adorable it was. 

The rest of the morning was filled with all things girly.  We painted our nails, they had face painting, and we did lots of crafts.  We made these really cute washer necklaces that I failed to get a picture of the finished product.  Her favorite was decorating plastic sunglasses with gems.  The girls also made t-shirt headbands.  Just some fun ideas in case you want to have a princess party. 

After the morning our princess had to nap and it let me set up.  My husband is so wonderful for letting me go overboard and get a little crafty even though it was only going to be us.  I did just a little decorating with some streamers.

Her reaction to the little dessert set up on the table made it all worth it.  I'll never forget it. 

I got the cake from Safeway for $10 bucks!  Such a steal and we let her try to eat it all by herself.  I made the mini cupcakes.  If you want to make a cake like this yourself I have a mini tutorial HERE

I kept everything simple and made mostly everything days before.  Star wand rice crispies, covered the juice boxes and we called it birthday juice, pink popcorn for our movie and fruit to balance all the sweets.

We let her make up the rules for the day.  She got to open presents first and then the singing.  She got to eat her cake just as it was without me cutting it.  She loved it.  We all grabbed some popcorn and watch a movie I put together of videos of her from birth to now.  It was a tear jerker and really special for all three of us.  I can't believe how fast time flies with these little munchkins.  

And this year, even though there wasn't a big fancy party with lots of people it was just us and just perfect.  

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. What a beautiful party!!! I especially love the invites :)


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