Thursday, February 6, 2014

BIRTHDAY Freebies!

Hello Friends! It sure has been a while and have really missed blogging. Well I want to kick start my return to share with you a few pointers to make your birthday that much more special! February is my birthday month and last year out of curiosity I researched birthday perks. The way it works is that if you sign up with their online "club" (at no charge) they will send you vouchers or coupons around the time of your birthday!
Here are a few of my birthday perks from last year... First I started my day at Denny's with my FREE Grand Slam breakfast. Later that day I redeemed my FREE gift from Sephora, some Benefit Minis (They're Real Mascara and Watts Up Highlighter). This was by far my favorite perk, especially because they were a mini size and is great to just keep in my purse. We then ended the day with my FREE scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream!

So I am not sure if a lot of you take advantage of these perks on your birthday, but I definitely do and enjoy so much! Here is a site that lists all the places you can receive your birthday perk. My suggestion is to sign up now and not wait until your birthday month. This year I am extremely excited to redeem my ULTA and Sephora BIRTHDAY FREEBIES! I will be sure to post this years birthday freebies on my instagram #makeitcozeebirthdayfreebies.

Happy Birthday everyone and I hope you take advantage of your FREEbies!


  1. :) Thanks for the info. That free ice-cream has definitely caught my eye. :D

    1. Who can resist ICE CREAM?!?!?

      By the way I was looking through your blog and it is super cute! I love your Crapter posts!!! :)

      Thanks for stopping by Make It Cozee today!



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