Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello Beautiful!

Hi friends! For about a year now I have been obsessed with YouTube beauty videos. I have always been interested in make-up, nails, and hair. Since I was in high school I used to do hair and make up for dances (homecoming, prom, etc.), debuts (Filipino right of passage for when girls turn 18), quinceneras, and weddings. Believe it or not I actually did my own updo for my own wedding (with the help of one of my girlfriends Faye)! Aside from hair I love nail polish and am really into make up. Now that my eczema has been under control I can really enjoy applying make up again!

some pictures of my wedding hair - this was done without a trial run... eek!
here is a closer look of the back

With all that said I want introduce a new series called Hello Beautiful!

Hello Beautiful will be a series where I will be sharing my favorite products relating to beauty. The first few posts will be my existing favorites and then from time to time I will be doing product reviews (non sponsored reviews unless companies want to sponsor me later on - that would be awesome!). Then maybe even some tutorials, we'll see! Hope you enjoy this series and please share some of your favorites! Feel free to share them on instagram with the hashtag #micHelloBeautiful.

Stay tuned friends for the next Hello Beautiful post, I will be sharing my favorite skin care products!

Please don't forget to share your favorites on instagram, can't wait to see them!

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