Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our Disney World Adventure

Last month right after our trip to Cali we went on a mini family vacation to Disney World.  I love it when the hubby has business trips we can all enjoy.  We escaped the freezing snow in Colorado and headed straight for sunny Florida and it was one of the best weeks ever, especially for the little lady.  

I first have to say I can't believe how gigantic that place is!  Four different parks to go to it's like Disney  has it's own city in Florida.  I'm just going to share some of my favorite highlights of the trip or you may be sitting there forever reading about all our little adventures.

 Magic Kingdom was pretty much the twin of our Disneyland in California except they don't have a Toon Town [twas a bummer].  They do however have an awesome Fantasy Land and a much better Cinderella castle.  We loved the new little Mermaid ride and seeing the shows I've never seen.  She especially loved the light parade at night.  My favorite part is seeing her meet all of the characters.  Her excitement and expressions....how magical it is to be a kid.  

Hollywood Park was just like California Adventure except they had an awesome Toy Story section.  We pretty much watched all the shows they had to offer and I have to tell you Disney never ceases to impress me.  I think we watched like five here and they were all indescribably awesome! I think the movie Nemo is so boring but their show was just spectacular!  The Little Mermaid show probably was one of my favorites along with the Beauty and the Beast.  I have to say the Indiana Jones stunt show and the American Idol one surprised me.  They were both worth seeing.  I think her favorite part of this park was the ice cream.
Epcot was my second favorite of the four parks.  It was so cute.  The entire park is a mini replica of the different countries in the world.  They had a little China [which had an awesome acrobat show], a little England, we reminisced about Germany in little Deutschland and had a bratwurst there, a little Mexico, Japan, you get the idea.  Each country has it's own little show and authentic food.  They give the kids these little paper travel bears and they can get a stamp in each country they visit.  It's so cute.  

My favorite part about Epcot was the princess breakfast in Norway.  We took her there as our birthday gift to her.  They have a princess breakfast in Magic Kingdom as well but I heard this one was better.  It was worth every penny.  I let her pick a princess dress to wear, she got dolled up and met with all the princesses [which saved us so much time because the wait to see and take a picture with just one princess is about 30 minutes].  The breakfast was dddeelliicious!  Huge plate of bacon, eggs, the best potatoes ever and a buffet of fruits, muffins, scones, cold cuts, salmon.  After we ate each princess came one by one to talk to her and all the girls had a little parade with them.  It was adorable and so special!  Definitely a must if you have a little princess.

My favorite park of all however was Animal Kingdom.  I have never been to a park like that it was so different and I loved it!  It's like going to the zoo but so much better because Disney sprinkled their magic everywhere.  The entire park was like being in a jungle and with all those animals everywhere I am pretty sure it was one of her favorites too.  We LOVED the safari ride and I really felt like I was on an African Safari.  We didn't see any shows here so maybe next time.

Disney World, it's a magical place and going through all our pictures just makes me want to go back.  I can't wait to take another trip there when little man is born and old enough to enjoy it with big sissy.  Your family planning any vacations this year?  

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!  

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