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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I can't believe another month has passed and I am back here sharing my bliss for the month.  Dannielle and I will be doing these together and you can find her list at her fabulous new blog Quite Dainty.  Be sure to show her send love and become a follower.  Click on the adorable button below to head straight to her page.

So what is bringing me bliss this month?  What is it I can't live without??  For starters, sweet treats.  At the beginning of my pregnancy I couldn't stand sweets just salty.  My world is back to normal because I can't get enough sweets!   My hubby has been so wonderful running here and there and everywhere to fulfill my cravings... whether its lemon cake, cookies, and yesterday it was macaroons.  He has gone out and gotten it for me.  Yup he's a keeper.

This month has also been loaded with lots of crafts.  I finished the quilt and the machine hasn't had a break since then.  Nothing makes me happier than having a little me time sewing.

My true definition of bliss is our times together as a family.  Those lazy weekends at home or when we are out and about.  True joy is being with my three loves.  This month we took a trip to the aquarium and it was awesome.  I left wanting sushi and the Iittle lady loved it!

To make this month perfect I also gave birth to our precious baby boy.  It was an amazing labor and delivery experience for us.  We have been soaking up on lots of baby hugs and kisses... the snuggles with both of them, pure perfection.

What was your bliss this month?   If you are a blogger, feel free to join us!!  This link up is on Megs page at My Borrowed Heaven.


  1. Awww your son is just so precious!!! I am so happy for you and your family! Thanks so much for linking up, Patty!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up with us this month! Congratulations on having your sweet baby - DEFINITELY A BLISSFUL MOMENT worth celebrating! :) I tried a macaroon once and I didn't like it as much as I expected lol.


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