Monday, March 3, 2014

Chevron Quilt with a Special Message

I'm afraid to even admit how long it has taken me to finish this quilt but it has been worth the wait.  Even though it isn't perfect [ha! just like the rest of them], it's probably one of my favorite ones.  This quilt is a special one, it is for my God daughter little Olive and before she was even born her mom asked me to make it for her.   

I know I had a blank template of the pattern but it's been so long I just can't find it anymore... sorry!  It basically looks like this but I of course colored it in with the colors I was using.  It's crib size 45 by 60.

Thank God that I got a cutting mat and rotary before doing this or I think I would be cutting forever and who knows if it would have ever gotten finished.  Part of the reason it took so long is because the quilt has sooooo many pieces!  Triangles to squares to strips and so on.  I actually realized why my vertical lines don't line up.  I think I am suppose to be sewing big squares that get sewn together, instead of strips... Leave it to me to learn the hard way.  Going to test out that theory with the next one.  For any quilting guru's I would love to know if that is what I am doing wrong. 

And my husband, he's so sweet.  He said you can't even tell that the vertical lines don't line up.  I just love how it came out... and all of the bright colors.

What makes this quilt so special are the messages it holds.  Remember the Up Up and Away Baby Shower?  I sent lots of fabric squares in that party box for the guests to write a little message for the baby.

 Those got quilted right on the back.  

How special for her to see this blanket and read these little notes.  She'll always know how much she is loved.  

Can't go wrong with chevron.  It's just darling. 

And now that this one is wrapped up and gone I am itching to start the next.  

Happy Monday everyone!

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