Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY - 5 Minute Fringed T-Shirt Scarf

Today I wanted to share a quick and easy DIY (as promised yesterday) perfect for holidays or even team spirit events. My experiences as a teacher included having team spirit and being decked out on holidays. One day I noticed I didn't have much green in my wardrobe. This was a dismay especially during Christmas and St.Patrick's time. I was browsing on Pinterest one day and found cool DIY fringed scarfs. They get all crazy creative. At the time I didn't have a ton of time so this is my quick 5 minute scarf. 

For starters you need a shirt and something to cut with. Some prefer a rotary cutter and other prefer scissors. Honestly, whatever floats your boat.

 First you get your shirt and cut at the following places. For my scarf I chose an XXL shirt (Hubby's old shirt). The bigger the shirt the longer the scarf obviously, that's why mine wraps around twice (for double the fringes).

 Then you fold your shirt in half.

Then you simply just cut your strips. I cut mine an inch apart because I knew that the fringes would shrink once I start pulling them.
 Start stretching and pulling.

Then I open the fold and continue to stretch and pull. Then viola! You got yourself a 5 minute fringed scarf!

So if you don't have anything green for Monday and don't wanna get pinched, you might want to invest 5 minutes to make this quick and easy scarf! Enjoy!

As seen on Inspire Me Please Linky Party #52.

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