Thursday, March 13, 2014

Recipe - St. Patrick's Day Brisket

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! NOT! How embarrassing, I thought St. Patrick’s Day was today. I got all decked out in my St. Patty’s Day scarf (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post for that), and I prepared the brisket before I went to work. Then as I was on the train speaking to my hubby on the phone, he asked what was for dinner.  I said, “Brisket, DUH!” Then his response was, “I thought that’s for Monday?” Then if you could only imagine the back and forth as I was convinced in my heart it was St. Patrick’s Day! Google settled the dispute to my dismay. Oh well at least we got this post up just in time (as I was frantically trying to figure out how I was going to get this post up ASAP)

Today I am going to share our family’s Irish tradition (and no I am not Irish – although one of my aunts married an Irish man; which is the uncle I work for occasionally). Growing up every year on March 13th – St.Patty’s Day my grandma would make an Irish Brisket dinner. Once I got married I carried over the tradition. My husband still doesn’t understand it but he has learned to no longer question it (I think it’s because he really enjoys it).

There are several ways of preparing brisket, but I like the good old boiling technique. Past years I cooked it in a pressure cooker, or boil it in a Dutch over for some time, but this year I am using my crock-pot. Same concept really except it’s a set it and forget it technique. 

 \\ cook on low for 8 hours \\

\\ ingredients \\

\\ optional \\

// after 8 hours in the crock pot on low - turn it off //

Then Viola! It’s so simple and easy to make! My family always ate it with rice (it must be an Asian thing). Then for left overs we would buy ciabatas and slather some mayo and Dijon mustard and make a brisket sandwich! Hope you all have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day on MONDAY!

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