Friday, March 7, 2014

Little Man's Cozy Little Nook

I worked hard for the last week and a half to finish baby boys little nook and am so happy with how it came out!   I fell in love with the baby shower theme my two hostesses picked (Vintage Travel) and decided to use it as the theme of his space.   Once I picked out the crib and dresser everything fell into place.  What do you think?

We weren't planning on getting a new crib, but since the movers lost some irreplaceable pieces to our old hand me down crib we had no choice.  I fell in love with this Sundvik grey brown crib from Ikea, especially the price $120.  Apparently you all liked it too because it got the most votes.  Everything little lady has is white so I didn't want to go with white again but I am also not a fan of dark wood.  I just love love love this color stain and the style.  These pictures don't even do this the color, justice it's so pretty.  The sheets are from Target.

Since we already made the Ikea trip we ended up getting the matching dresser, Hemnes in grey brown.  We bought this in white three years ago before the little lady was born and I have loved it since then.  I figure, why not get the same one for him.  The drawers open up nice.  The height is perfect.  I just love it.  I didn't realize how much the price can go up on these things!  We bought her white Hemnes dresser for 100 three years ago and now it's 200 on the site.  Still worth every penny though.  Little man's is an inch shorter, but still a great deal at $150.

The added plus to this dresser are the Skubb organizers you can buy for them.  You know me, I don't mind spending a little extra to be organized.  It's $8 for 6 containers which does add up fast if but I have them in all our drawers and they are worth every penny!  They all  fit perfectly in each drawer.   Even the hubby loves how they keep his shirts organized.

To spice up the room I made a bunting and used the planes cousin Krista painted for the shower to cover the ends.

She also made those pretty initials.  They go great with these frames I picked up at home goods for $5 each.
Hubby put in his two cents and had the idea of putting the post cards we got from our Italy trip last summer.  It is perfect and now when I see it I can remember beautiful Sienna.  

Just a few little things on the wall... keepin' it sweet and simple.

To hold all his baby goods I picked up the blue tray from Home Goods for yup $5 and it holds all those baby essentials.  The metal rectangle bin from Joann's and it perfectly fits diapers.
How odd it is too look over and not see pink. 

How odd it is to look and see all this blue and not a hint of pink.  

I wish I could take credit for putting it altogether but I can't.  Thankfully I have a big sister who is really good at decorating.  I was texting her and she really helped me pick out a lot of the stuff.  She was even nice enough to send the rug to complete little mans nook.
Nnow all we need is little man.  Keep me in your prayers that I would have some patience while I play the waiting game! 

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. You are so cute and crafty! This nursery looks perfect!

  2. Beautiful nursery. What is the color of the wall?

    1. Thanks!! It's a deep creme. The house came like that so I'm not sure hehe.

  3. Hi just wondering i the colour/stain of the two pieces of furniture are exactly the same? I know the description on the IKEA website says grey/brown for both but am just curious to know if they are cut from the same cloth so to speak?

    1. They aren't from the same "brand" per say but the stain is practically identical on these two pieces. What makes them different is the type of wood they used I think but they look like they go together.

  4. I adore everything about the room!!! Thoughts and prayers for you. The colors in our 2 year old grandson's room are very similar, but his run his very traditional and boring. Do you know where your sister picked up the rug that is shown in this picture? And did it come in sizes? Your help will be much appreciated. Our daughter and son-in-law just had their second child, a little girl!! She was 7 weeks old yesterday. We are over the moon. Hope to hear from you regarding the rug in the little boy's room!!!!

  5. My email is regarding the boys room rug. Thank you again!!!!

  6. I love your nursery! Thank you for the posting all of the information. I'm trying to decide how to decorate our nursery and this really helped.

  7. I love your letters!! How did you make them?

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