Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tutorial: Baby Hooded Towel

For the last two weeks I have been going baby crazy and working on lots of craft for our little man so please excuse the baby overload.   They have all been really simple projects, but with each one I get more and more excited for his arrival!   If you follow me on Instagram you would know I was working on these hooded towels and here they are!  They turned out just as I had hoped.

I am not a fan of store bought baby towels like this one.  They are overpriced (about $8 for one) and the material is just not as thick as regular towels. For less than the price of one baby towel I was able to make two.

All you need is a regular towel and lots if bias tape.  The towel was four bucks at Walmart and I let the little lady pick the color.  I'm so happy she chose this one, I love it.  That comes out to $2 a towel!!  Luckily, I have a huge stash of bias but making some is pretty easy, HERE is a great tutorial. 

I used the one baby towel I already had as a pattern.  I cut two rectangles out of the big towel and used the spare for the hooded portion.  You can see the store bought towel and the finished towel are the same size.

I thought the hooded portion would be nice a little thicker so I cut out a square and folded it into a rectangle.  I sewed bias to the long bottom end.  Then attached it to one of the corners of the towel.  

I rounded the edges, which you don't have to do but it was good practice sewing bias around the rounded edges.  I just covered the entire edge of the towel in bais.  Super simple, super fast, and it came out just as nice as the store bought even after a wash. 

The little one had a little fun testing it out on her baby.  

If you had the time and energy you can really get creative with these towels, adding ears and eyes to make them little animals.  It would make a great baby shower gift too! 

Happy mid week! 

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  1. Beautiful ideas are implemented for this fabulous hooded towel and all the endeavors are put to create a unique thing out of it.


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