Saturday, March 22, 2014

We Have a Surprise!

If you have visited the blog recently you have noticed it has gotten a much needed face lift.  A big thanks to mlekoshiPlayground for their adorable template design.  I love the vintage look and feel of it and of course the color.  The new look isn't where it ends. 

As you know Dannielle has been an inspirational contributor to Make it Cozee.  Remember when you first met her last year around this same time in March!  Woah I can't believe a whole year has already passed.  She's shared some yummy recipes, organized, shows us an easy home improvement project,  shared her secrets, given this genius tip about gum on fabric, did this fun tutorial, inspired some collaborative posts like this one....

and started that awesome new series Hello Beautiful.  

Well, Dannielle and I have some huge and exciting news to share!  It's... well for now it's a secret I'm just giving you a teaser.  I know, I'm horrible and yes I really am going to leave you hanging like that.  Can you can guess what it is?!

Until next time!  Toodles.  

1 comment:

  1. I do need a blog makeover :)

    as for your blog - love the look!


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