Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Round Up

Can you believe Easter is right around the corner!?  I can.  I feel like I have been collecting Easter basket stuff for awhile.  Every time I hit the store I just pick up a little something, that's why there are so many random tid bits.  Can't wait to get everything together and see her reaction to her basket.

 I share THIS website every year because they have some great ideas for stuff to fill the kiddos Easter baskets.  This year, I found everything from the dollar section at Target and Dollar Tree. You can check out the baskets I have put together in the past by clicking on the pictures below.  Last years basket was probably my favorite.

Looking for some other fun things for Easter?  You can check out my Easter Pinterest board or the Holidays section on the blog.  I actually updated the Easter section. 
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These Resurrection Eggs with the free printables are perfect to explain to kids what Easter is all about.

Looking for some yummy treats?  Try the festive chocolate Oreos or the Peep 'S mores.  I think we'll do the peep ones this year they are so cute. 

Here are some paper crafts you can do.  The candy filled paper eggs would be really cute and fun for the kids to give to their friends.  
And if you like to sew and are feeling up to the task, try making a sock bunny!  I wouldn't recommend this unless you love to hand sew.  

Are you doing or making something fun for Easter? 

Until next time.  Toodles!  

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