Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting to Know Each Other

My sweet little man.  It's already been a month and I finally feel like I know you.  Silly me to think that you were going to be just like your big sister or that I knew what I was doing because I've been here before.  HA!  It's God's special way of humbling me and showing me that He made you special.  Even as a newborn you are different than anyone else in the world especially that crazy loud toddler running around the living room screaming as you try to nap.  You have your own little personality and preferences.  You'll be happy to know our second month together is looking much better than this.

I've never met a baby who loves being held upright as much as you do.  Forget the cradle hold!  I like to think it's because you like to hear the way everyone's heart beats, but I'm sure it's because that vertical position is a relief from the reflux.  That swing I bought because big sister loved it when she was a baby, you wanted nothing to do with that!  You're a bouncer kind of a guy.  No breaks either because you sure do expect that bouncer to be bounced.  There's my leg workout for the day.  We figured out the one and only way to get you to calm down is by bouncing you up and down. The higher the better. Biggest 2am relief for mommy and daddy. We both are wishing they made Jumperoo 's for newborns.  Better believe it's the first thing we plan on getting as soon as you can hold your head up right.  Even daddy's arms are getting sore.

You love taking baths and I can guarantee you'll poop after one every single time.  Your favorite song is The Only Name by Big Daddy Weave.  Calms you down every time no matter how horrible my voice is.  You have a love hate relationship with your Swaddle and you love sleeping with some form of noise... the Chris Tomlin station on Pandora, the blow dryer, washer, and even the vent fan in the kitchen.  We now know that the crazy arm flailing, screaming as I cry means you are so tired you don't know what to do with yourself.  That little whimper is your way of saying you're hungry.  I don't exactly understand your language but be patient with me, I'm getting it.

 Daddy says you're a mamas boy because you know when I walk into the room and you love being close to me.   I think it's sweet and I love it that we already have a special bond.  If there is one thing you have taught me this month it's patience.  As tough of a cookie as you are, you're mine and no matter how big you get you'll always be my little boy.

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  1. Love this entry. So personal and heart warming =)). Little Randy, you're adorable.


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