Friday, April 4, 2014

Life With a Newborn.... How Could I Forget

Three years is just long enough to forget...

Those sleepless nights.  Sleep deprived, zombie like, I'll take a grande... make that a venti.  Oh it's time for my nap too!  My poor broken out face.    I think the longest stretch I have gotten in two weeks is three hours.  REM how I miss thee.
How could a little seven pound body eat so often?  Feedings every two hours and diaper changes. And speaking of...

Diapers, diapers, diapers.  We've come full circle.  Got one out of em' and I'm right back on the saddle with this one.  I really don't remember having to use this many diapers in one day, but then again that was three years ago.  It may be because he does his business and then right in the middle of a feeding he will decide to soil the new clean fresh one I just placed on his cute little bum.  And it slowly comes back... they like to poop in fresh diapers.  I can almost guarantee he'll poop on a fresh one right after a bath.  Do newborns really poop this much?  Holy guacamole!  And those wasted diapers I've used to shield myself from the water works.  Yup.

Taming the Teenie Peenie.  I definitely never had to experience this before.  Boys are different and the pee that you see all over me, the pack and play, his onsie, that fresh diaper I was holding will prove it.  I'm losing the battle to the Teenie Peenie.  A day without getting peed on is a good one.  I'll get the hang of it eventually, but not without a few more casualties.  I don't think our washer and dryer has seen this much action in years and not just from the pee.  

Cottage Cheese Spit Up.  Why do I even bother trying to burp without a burp cloth.  I really should start carrying mini burp clothes in my pocket because when that volcano explodes I grad whatever is closest to wipe it up.  It's usually sacrificing my shirt to save his.  Spit up is just part of everyday life.  And after all that spit up you want to eat again?!  

Nursing anywhere, anytime.  It doesn't matter that we just got to Costco for lunch or I'm right in the middle of shopping at Target... when he's hungry it's stop, drop, and feed.  In the car, at the Starbucks, whenever, wherever.  He always seems to know it's dinner time too because just as I get the table set and the food on the plate the siren rings.  He wants to eat while we eat too.  It's always a spectacle to see me eating with my off hand dropping food everywhere including him. 

I've been on this road before, but I still somehow forgot all these fun little newborn quirks.  All jokes and sarcasm aside I wouldn't trade it in for the world.  Having a newborn is tough, but oh so worth it.   All those snuggles I get because yup he loves begin carried.  There's nothing better than having a newborn in my pouch.  Kissing that sweet little head and that getting a good whiff of the baby smell.  The good, the bad, and the ugly... that's

Hearing his little voice.  Holding his little hand.  I love that he looks just like his daddy.  I love that he knows how I smell, he gets quiet when I sing even if my voice is terrible.  I love holding his squishy little burrito body when he's wrapped in his swaddle.  Best of all, seeing the two of them bond... makes it all worth it!  Who needs sleep anyways?! I'll sleep next year and envy you for all the sleep you are getting.

Until next time.  Toodles!


  1. I loved this stage the best, I had a girl too but I recently saw pee tee or tee pees not sure on craftsy to stop the pee issues for boys, it was a free download. Might help?

  2. awww :) boys tend to pee during diaper changes once their ting ting feels cold. haha! there's got to be a shield out there or something


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