Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recovering Postpartum

So I'm four weeks postpartum and may I say it is awesome to be my pre-pregoo self again fully recovered. You've all heard me say it before but I'm just not one who enjoys being pregnant.  The aftermath of giving birth isn't fun either.  This isn't my first rodeo so bouncing back has been a lot faster this time than the last.  It also helps that I had a super duper easy labor and delivery. [Completely opposite than my first, but this whole pregnancy has been that way.]  I wanted to share four little tips I've learned that helped me bounce back quick.  I would also love for you to share your experience and tips [whatever it may be] for those new moms that may help them once those hospital bracelets are off.

I'm mostly going to be talking about the physical recovery because pushing out that watermelon does quite a bit of damage.  To keep it real the swelling, bleeding, possible tearing.... the squishy tummy you are left with.  It's not pretty folks.  

1.  As soon as I delivered and days after, the nurse told me to continually massage my uterus to get it back to its old self. It speeds bleeding but shortens the amount of days you will bleed.  It worked for me.  

2.  To help with the swelling and tearing [if you had it], sit in a warm bath for 15 to 20 minutes every night.  This helped me heal with my first one fast and did wonders for the swelling with this second one.  Not to mention it's a great time to relax after a long day with a newborn.

3. Get up and get out.  I felt so good this time around I really didn't waste time getting up, out and about.  Going for walk with the hubby or out shopping.  I took every opportunity to walk around and it helped me to recover faster.  

4.  Nursing....  I know not everyone can or wants to but it really helped my stomach to shrink fast.  Pumping that milk too!  For some reason,  I have an abundance of milk supply with this baby.  I had to pump the excesses four days after delivery.  So to kill two birds with one stone I would pump while sitting in the warm bath.  Worked perfectly.  All the extra milk has been a blessing too because daddy, big sister, and visiting family have been able to feed the baby too.  It allows me to have a little freedom and them to have some bonding time.  Plus,  introducing the bottle illuminated the problem of him not wanting it.  It took me forever to get the little lady to take a bottle when she was a baby.  So if you have extra, pump it!

[Just a note, don't let excess milk sit because the pain is excruciating.  I thought I was going to die. Lesson learned for me!]

The nursing and pumping makes your uterus contract and with some light exercise you can see its helped with that squishy belly.  These pictures were taken in the morning before breakfast so no optical illusions.  

Now it's time to buckle done and get in a real work out routine to get back into shape.  My hubby thinks I just bounced back with the first but it doesn't work that way.  I actually had to work hard to get my body back.  I want to take you along this bouncing back journey with me so stay tuned. 

I hope the four tips help those of you soon to be new moms!  I would also love to hear your tips and suggestions for recovering postpartum whether its physical or even emotionally.  Share it with us in the comments section. 

Until next time.  Toodles! 


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