Monday, June 30, 2014

Towel Robe

Don't forget to check out what everyone else got from the Splendid Swap. The linky party is now up HERE!

I've had this on my to do list since forever and the night before her second swim lesson I was able to whip it up.  It probably would have been easier to just buy her a cover up but I fell in love with this beach towel robe as soon as I saw it on my favorite sewing blog Dana Made It.  Isn't it adorable.

I wish I had more time on my hands to create a tutorial for this but with a newborn that is just not possible right now.  You can buy the pattern from Dana too!  I just used a robe she already had as a pattern, closed my eyes and wished for the best.  It turned out a whole lot better that I expected.  The total cost of the towel robe was $8!  It's so cute I want one for me.

I don't have a Serger so I just zigzagged along the edges.

Covered the raw edges on the outside with bias tape.

The little lady loved it too.  She would come out of the pool freezing cold and this warm robe kept her nice and toasty while she ate her snack.  I love that it doesn't fall of like a regular towel and that it is thick unlike those cover ups.

Loved it so much I plan on making one every summer.

Now we are ready to hit the pool!

Until next time.  Toodles!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Splendid Swap Party: Kristina's Summer Faves

The swap is just about over and it was such a neat experience. This was my first blog swap and I learned it's pretty hard to shop for someone you don't know that well. A challenge but a fun one. In the process I got to know a fellow mommy blogger Kristina at Pretty Rambles. She sent me the cutest box sharing her summer faves which she thought I would like as well. 

I got these adorable studs, Julep nail polish, and Pacifica chap stick. She didn't know but I've been wanting to try Julep for awhile so I was super excited about getting this. I love it! The polish quality is comparable to OPI and I would definitely buy it again. I was a little skeptical of the chap stick because I'm not a huge fan of cocoa butter smell but it is amazing!!! I love it, I wear it everyday, thanks Kristina!! The scent goes away pretty fast and it keeps my lips so soft. I love it! 

And of course the earrings are adorable!!! My little lady has already asked to wear them too. So cute! 

In the box was also a notebook and some gel pens ,which were such fun surprise and brought me back to my junior high days [insert preteen giggle]. We must have similar taste because I bought the same notebook for my hubby for Fathers Day notebook in a manly color of course. The napkins are also so darling and I'm setting them aside for the surprise camp out I'm planning for the family!  Thanks again Kristina for all the fun goodies!

Stay tuned and check back on our linky party on Monday to see what everyone else got [yup I'm actually early on sharing... surprise surprise]. We are also planning a winter swap so if you're a blogger keep that in mind. It's such a fun little out of the norm thing to do so hopefully you can join us next time.

Until next time.  Toodles!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bloggers Bliss: June

It's a MIRACLE.... I actually am doing a Bloggers Bliss on the actual day.  I'm usually a day late.  Linking up with Heather at My Borrowed Heaven.

Anywhoo, this month has been bittersweet considering it's our last month in this beautiful state of Colorado.  Sad, I know.  But enough being sad, let's share what has brought me bliss this month starting with my new Kindle! WOO HOO!

My husband thinks I'm crazy [ha! what's new] but I have had my eye on getting my own tablet since Mother's Day when I missed the sale then.  I was so sad when they didn't put them on sale for Father's Day.  Well, I contacted Amazon on Facebook suggesting that they should make the Kindles on sale for Father's Day, someone responded that they would pass along the suggestion and they did!  I love Amazon!  I got a 16GB Kindle Fire for $130.  Say what?!  

Worth every penny. Getting my own tablet is the best decision I ever made.  No more kazillion kid apps, movies, song.  No more sharing.  I love that the Kindle lets you fully take advantage of having Amazon Prime.  I am actually reading books again.  I did have to learn to use it since I'm so use to an Apple, but I LOVE IT!  Yup love love love my Kindle.  The only downside is there is no camera but I figured out a way to sync all the photos taken on our phones and ipads [thanks Amazon cloud] so it hasn't been a huge issue. Did I mention I am currently loving Parenthood?

Along with the Kindle I got this amazing app... ColorNote. I am in love.  I feel like this app completely understands the way my brain organizes information.  Okay, yes I'm crazy.  The option to write a blog post or create a check list.... all color coded.  It's a dream.  No more paper and pen and losing my lists.  No more rewriting my grocery list or my weekly meal plan.  It's a list maker's dream.  And it comes with a calendar... color coded.  Where has this app been all my life?! 

And of course these two little monsters who drive me crazy also bring so much bliss to my world.  I love them to pieces especially when I see them interacting having brother sister moments.  It's so sweet.  It's really special seeing their relationship develop and since he is so little most of their bonding times are spent watching a movie together or me holding up the baby to tackle big sister.  He's also a great monster to knock down our block towers.  

They sure do know how to melt this mama's heart... holding hands. 

This month there have been a lot of camps and activities and seeing this little lady grow up always bring me so much joy.  She loves gymnastics and watching her get stronger each class brings so much bliss.  I really hope she continues to enjoy it. 

That's all from me.  What are some things that have brought you bliss in June?

Until next time.  Toodles!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cowgirl Party Set Up

Missed the last post about the Cowgirl Party?

Now let's finish digging through this party in a box.  Since I couldn't be there to set up, I did a trail run so my friend knew exactly how to set up for the party.  I usually do a trail run anyways so I can see how everything goes.
There are two table clothes that cover the big table.  A pink one and a cream one on top pinched in the center with a flower.

Instead of a birthday banner I hung  those hats.  How pretty are they hanging on the wall?  Probably my favorite part.

To create some height to the different treats on the table I wrapped some boxes in burlap and brown packing paper.  I used some extra bandannas as little place mats for the plates.

Now it's time to start putting things together.  Cupcake stand as the focal point.

The punch dispenser to the left. 

Remember these milk jugs from the Zebra themed sleep over [okay they are recycled Starbucks frap bottle].  I dressed them up to match the theme... little bandannas and a pink striped straw.

On the right side of the table I created a box to hold pop corn cones.  I just poked holes, wrapped the box and made the cones.

The cones are pink card stock and I used a lace paper punch on the trim.  So adorable!

Below this box is the movie candy.  Can't have a sleep over without movie candy!  I spray painted some cans, wrapped them in a strip of burlap.  

I love the little lace detail.

This little table held the party favors.  The backdrop was the canvas with her name in rope.

We recycled the hand made stands from the Zebra themed sleepover and she will be displaying her cowgirl boots.  You can see the party favor details HERE.

It was such a fun box to put together I think we may have our own cowgirl party sometime in the future. 

Until next time.  Toodles!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Me and My Mini

This post was inspired by Freemans Bare Foot scrub given to me free thanks to Influenster.... more on that later.

 For now I wanted to share about me and my mini... When I was pregnant one of the moms in my Bible study told me that one of the hardest things for her to accept when she first had her second kiddo was how separated the family was for a few months.  I didn't get it then but I totally do now. 

For three years it's just been me and my Mini. We did everything together and she got my undivided attention. Then baby brother came and the reality is that he's a newborn and needs a lot of attention. He needs to be fed, held, rocked and changed. Thank God for daddy who has really stepped in. It's usually me and the baby... daddy and my mini. Separated. Not all the time but a lot of the time. I'm enjoying seeing how close they are getting. Daddy takes her on little dates to the park, the movies, on little walks just the two of them. It's so sweet and I love him for it... 

But I have to admit I do miss those uninterrupted me and my mini times. I know it won't be forever because baby brother will grow up and won't need me as much. Now that he's a little older and on a better daytime schedule I've gotten to steal those moments back. I've been trying really hard to make his nap time [when it's just the two of us] really special. A time just for mommy and her to chat and laugh. To be silly. Read books. Get messy. Snuggle. Bake. And of course pedicures. It's more than just washing and painting our nails. It's really a time we bond and laugh. I paint her toes and let her paint my fingers and yes I mean fingers because her coordination isn't quite at the level where the polish stays only on my nails. She pulls out all the colors and proclaims she wants a different color on every nail. She tells me she loves sparkles and for the day her favorite color one is blue. Such a fun time just me and my mini. 

Thanks to Influenster and Freeman's Bare Foot Scrub it was giggly fun. Apparently the scrub tickled her little feet. Just look at our happy feet! Yes I know mine are blue and that's what I get for spray painting in sandals. 

I let her pick the color. Purple with fireworks. And so it is because this time is her special time with mommy.  I cherish these little moments with her so much... Just me and my mini! 

And as a footnote.... the scrub is really awesome. I keep it in the shower and use it every so often and not just on my feet but also on the legs. Makes my skin super soft and it smells good. Love it!

Until next time.  Toodles!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Recipe: Chicken Avocado Pita Pocket

Over the last few weeks we have been trying to eat healthier as a family and this includes lunches that I pack for the hubby.  I hate packing him the same ol' sandwich and I try to mix it up a bit.  I saw these Pita Pockets at Walmart for $1.50 [score] and thought it would add a little variety to the mundane weekly lunch.  This chicken avocado pita pocket isn't just yummy it's healthy too.  

This lunch was inspired by Aunt Coleen's chicken sandwich.  You can head to that recipe by clicking on the picture below.

I added all the same ingredients but I made my favorite spread... mayo and avocado with a dash of salt.  It's my favorite.  Once the spread was made I mixed in the left over chicken from our rotisserie and the other healthy ingredients.... almonds, craisins, a little lettuce, celery, red onion.  Yummy and healthy, you can't beat that!  

Would love to hear some of your healthy lunch recipes so please share. 

Until next time.  Toodles!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

White Cloud Free 4 All [Get Your Coupon Here!]

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
The last time I shared White Cloud I was telling you about how awesome their new laundry detergent was.  This time I'm here to share their new and improved 2-ply Ultra Strong & Soft and 3-ply Ultra Soft & Thick Bath tissue as well as offer a coupon!  The new 3-ply is now softer and thicker with a quilted pattern for a more comfortable feel.  The 2-ply is now stronger and softer making buyers use less.  And you know using less means the rolls lasts longer! 
 photo 2f9ea91c-d6c5-4f51-9184-e0f5ae8ebe85_zps499a959e.jpg
The best thing about White Cloud's new bath tissue is that it comes in 16 roll packs but costs the same as a regular priced 12-roll pack of Quilted Northern and Contelle.  Not only are you getting four more rolls but you aren't compromising on quality.  Did you know that White Cloud 3-ply has been named "best for less" by a national consumer magazine?  I know White Cloud is a great product because we use it in our house and not just the toilet paper but also their paper towels and detergent.  White Cloud is available only at Walmart making it easy for me since that's where I shop. 
When you have a family of four like ours you have to think about every possible way to save money.  We do have two kids to send to college one day.  With White Cloud I getting four extra rolls per pack but when joining the "Free 4 All" and using the coupon I can get a total of 8 rolls free for the price others are paying for a 12 pack.  
To get the coupon all you have to do is Like White Cloud on Facebook and SHARE White Cloud on your social media; Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.  Then you will be given the opportunity to obtain a free 4-pack of White Cloud's new and improved premium 3-ply Ultra Soft and Thick Bath Tissue with the purchase of any White Cloud Bath Tissue [a high value coupon of $1.97 off].   If you simply wish to print the Coupon on Facebook you get a $1 off.
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Don't just take my word for it.  Print out the coupon and use the Store Locator to find a Walmart near you  Be sure to also Follow White Cloud on Twitter and Follow White Cloud on Pinterest.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Faves and Meet my Swap Partner

The Splendid Swap Summer Faves is coming to an end and it was so much fun!  I just mailed out my box of goodies and I am looking forward to seeing what my partner mailed to me.  I got to know a fellow mommy blogger named Kristina and shop for her.  She has an adorable little family and our sons aren't too far apart in age.  Her son Jack is such a cutie.  You can check her blog out at Pretty Rambles.  

And since the theme of the swap was summer faves I thought I would share some of my summer faves.....
1. fruit smoothies in my awesome smoothie cup   2. her beach towel robe and pool days 3. still lovin' our Salt Water sandals    4. super bright pink polish  5. avocados all day everyday  6. dainty little necklaces [lovin' lucky feather's charm necklaces and charms].

What are some of your summer faves?

Until next time.  Toodles!