Monday, June 9, 2014

Amazing Kinetic Sand

I'm wrangling up some fun summer activities for you all to keep those kiddos busy while school is out and this has to be one of my faves.  Check out the Kid Section for other activities you and your kiddos may like.  Would love to hear your ideas too!!  Email me at so I can share it with everyone.

For now let me introduce you to one of our new favorites... Kinetic Sand.  If your kids can play with play doh for hours they will love this stuff.  I have to admit I love it too!  It is amazing. 

The box looks small but two pounds of this stuff is oober plenty.  She usually just plays with a fourth of it.  You can get it on amazon but the best deal is at Michael's because you can use a 40 percent off coupon making it about $10 bucks.  I put it in a one dollar bin with some play doh molding tools, cookie cutters, a little rolling pin and WALA you have your own indoor sandbox. 

It boggles my mind how it has that sand like quality...

But you can mold it into different shapes like these fun sand treats.  I mean you can make a real sand-wich... haha.  See those cute little fingers molding away.  

Here's what I love about it...
 It never dries out so you don't have to keep buying it over and over.  
A little goes a long way.  
The creative possibilities are endless.  
Great tool for teaching kinesthetic or hand on learners. 

Most of all, it's a cinch to clean up.  I learned after her first time playing to lay a blanket under the table to catch any falling sand.  Clump the large pieces back together and shake out the rest outside.

She can really spend hours just playing with this stuff and I have to admit it's pretty therapeutic for me too.

And because I have our road trip on my mind 24/7 this is a great toy to take on the road.  Put some in a sandwich tupperware and some cutters and WALA a travel sized sand box.  Perfect for the hotel room or to keep her busy at restaurants.

We love Kinetic Sand!

Don't just take my word for it.  Head out and get some of your own!

Until next time.  Toodles!

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  1. What an AWESOME interactive toy! I would have LOVED this when I was little.


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