Monday, June 16, 2014

Cowgirl Party Favors

I gave you a quick glimpse of what was in this party in a box when I shared the invitations but now it's time to actually see the goodies, starting with the party favors.

It isn't a cowgirl party without hats.  I found these hats on the left for a great price except the cheap red trim and red plastic star [that I removed] didn't go with the rest of the party.  I removed those, sewed on a pink fabric trim, added some rope and a flower.  Isn't it so cute!

I also found these really cute cowgirl boot mugs, perfect for filling with goodies.

I picked out a few fun girly things... aren't those mustaches so funny?!  Great price on

Fill it up and wala a rowdy favor for that cowgirl.

The birthday girl always gets a bigger more elaborate favor.  Her's has everything that the little favors have but I also made her some pajama shorts.

I also added an art book in hers because she loves doing crafts. 

I also made this sign as decor but doubles as a favor because birthday girl gets to keep it after the party.  I painted a canvas pink and wrote her name in rope.  I just hot glued it onto the canvas.  She could have all the girls write a little message for her on the bag and it makes the perfect little keepsake.

Until next time.  Toodles!

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  1. Just loved these cowgirl party favors! I agree that it isn't a cowgirl party celebration without hats. I think hats are the best party favors for this cow girl themed holiday party. That jar is also very good.


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