Monday, June 23, 2014

Me and My Mini

This post was inspired by Freemans Bare Foot scrub given to me free thanks to Influenster.... more on that later.

 For now I wanted to share about me and my mini... When I was pregnant one of the moms in my Bible study told me that one of the hardest things for her to accept when she first had her second kiddo was how separated the family was for a few months.  I didn't get it then but I totally do now. 

For three years it's just been me and my Mini. We did everything together and she got my undivided attention. Then baby brother came and the reality is that he's a newborn and needs a lot of attention. He needs to be fed, held, rocked and changed. Thank God for daddy who has really stepped in. It's usually me and the baby... daddy and my mini. Separated. Not all the time but a lot of the time. I'm enjoying seeing how close they are getting. Daddy takes her on little dates to the park, the movies, on little walks just the two of them. It's so sweet and I love him for it... 

But I have to admit I do miss those uninterrupted me and my mini times. I know it won't be forever because baby brother will grow up and won't need me as much. Now that he's a little older and on a better daytime schedule I've gotten to steal those moments back. I've been trying really hard to make his nap time [when it's just the two of us] really special. A time just for mommy and her to chat and laugh. To be silly. Read books. Get messy. Snuggle. Bake. And of course pedicures. It's more than just washing and painting our nails. It's really a time we bond and laugh. I paint her toes and let her paint my fingers and yes I mean fingers because her coordination isn't quite at the level where the polish stays only on my nails. She pulls out all the colors and proclaims she wants a different color on every nail. She tells me she loves sparkles and for the day her favorite color one is blue. Such a fun time just me and my mini. 

Thanks to Influenster and Freeman's Bare Foot Scrub it was giggly fun. Apparently the scrub tickled her little feet. Just look at our happy feet! Yes I know mine are blue and that's what I get for spray painting in sandals. 

I let her pick the color. Purple with fireworks. And so it is because this time is her special time with mommy.  I cherish these little moments with her so much... Just me and my mini! 

And as a footnote.... the scrub is really awesome. I keep it in the shower and use it every so often and not just on my feet but also on the legs. Makes my skin super soft and it smells good. Love it!

Until next time.  Toodles!


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