Monday, July 7, 2014

Living Room Progress: Rustic Frame Collage

My hubby thinks it's crazy that I seem to pick huge projects to do right before we pack up and move but I can't help myself. Before Germany I went Tupperware crazy and organized our pantry. The nice thing was that when we moved into our new house everything was already set. This time around I chose to finish the picture frame collage I've been meaning on working on since forever. With the help and guidance of my sister and two besties [who know I am interior decorating challenged] it turned out great! 

The wall was inspired by this pin.  That collage was a little modern for my taste but I liked the set up. I have a more rustic, log cabin distressed sort of style. I chose the wood and metal piece with the slightly cheesy phrase from Target as my focal point.

The total cost of the wall including the prints was about $180. 

Here's the breakdown... the frames with the red asterisks are from Michael's... 40 percent off plus and extra 25 percent off making both $43. The light wood ones with the green asterisk are from target on clearance for $8. The rest are from TJMaxx and Home Goods between $5 and $12 depending on the size.

 Probably my favorite thing about the collage is seeing all our memories and the places we've been blessed enough to see. There are pictures of five different countries on the collage. I love that I can finally display the pictures I've taken.  Can you guess where we are at in these pictures?

It was a pain in the butt to hang up but worth it. I laid out how I wanted it to look on the floor first and used this tip to hang it all up. My one suggestion would be to save up and try buy all your frames at once. It's easier to visualize it that way, rather than buying it one by one. 

Our living room is still a work in progress that we are adding to little by little. We're doing it Dave Ramsey style so it's taking a little longer to get it all together. Along with the collage we recently got this couch that I am still in love with.  I love white and cream linen couches like the ones from Pottery Barn and this is the knock off, but so much more comfortable.  It's the Friday sectional from JcPenny. Can you spot the little man?
Here's what sold us on it....
1. Protection Plan. If there is a stain, tear or whatever that they can't fix on the slip cover they will completely replace the entire slip cover for free in five years. Amazing. 
2. The ENTIRE slip cover comes off and can be washed in the washing machine. I've washed the seat ones already and they wash great. I love it! 
5. All the cushions are reversible making the time between washes longer. 
3. It's filled with down feathers and overly comfortable.
 4. The big winner is the chaise and single seat to the left of it.  Both can be moved to either side.  Chaise on the left... sure. Chaise on the right. Why not. Perfect for us since we move a ton. I also like that you can keep making it bigger by adding those single seats.  In the picture I only moved the chaise and not the extra seat too.

 They also gave us this awesome cleaner. Even though the little lady is the clean police and doesn't let anyone eat or drink on the couch her chocolate fingers still manage to find their way to the cushions. This cleaner has gotten so many different stain... shoe scuffs, crayon, chocolate, baby spit up, and the list goes on.  It's amazing.

Now we are still on the hunt for the perfect coffee table or ottoman so for now we are using the kids table.  I spray painted it teal and it's actually working out great.  It's the perfect size and gives her a place to eat, drink, and play

So that is our living room progress.  What else is on the list?  New throw pillows, a rug, blankets, coffee table, side table, lamp, and TV stand.  I just have to consult with my decorators as to what works best. 

Until next time.  Toodles!

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  1. Aww I love your living room!!! Those frame colors and sizes and shapes are fantastic! That couch also looks wonderful. Until you said it, I have to admit I didn't see your little guy in the photo haha!

  2. It is turning out awesomely! Is that even a word?! Whatever, it looks great. I can't wait to see how it translate into the next house you guys are in. It's so funny how different our styles are, but I love it. And, you're welcome =)

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