Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CHRISTMAS FAVES: Felt Tree and Ornaments

This year, I thought it would be fun to go through some of my favorite Christmas posts and some family traditions. Who knows I may share some new Christmas-y things this year. This felt tree was one of my favorite things to make and now little man is going to enjoy it too!

Ever since I saw this on Pinterest I knew I had to make one for Cindy!  We have to wait a little bit to put up our tree this year so this helps me wait a little longer and she gets her very own tree.  I hope this will divert her from touching the real one when it is up but I doubt it!  I do love it though! 

I bought a yard of green felt to make the actual tree.

I bought a ton of little color square felt to make ornaments.  The snowman one is surprisingly her favorite. These are 3 inch circles.

I decided to also make 2 inch ornaments too.

She woke up the day after Thanksgiving and noticed the tree right away.  It was so cute!  She just whispered......  Treeeee and started putting the ornaments on.  They all end up clumped at the top, but it's a tree just for her. 

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