Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Holidays with Happy Family

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Happy Family Products for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's no surprise that the holidays are a busy busy time for our family.  I'm known to be a little Christmas crazy packing in as much as possible into our already busy schedules.  Little man has been experiencing the madness and thanks to Happy Family, we can be on the go with a happily fed and full baby.


This yea, he survived the family Christmas card photo but as you can see he wasn't very impressed with my silly attempt at a cutesy picture.  At least his facial expressions will bring us laughter for years to come.

Things started to turn up when St. Nick came and brought him some treats.  [He's in denial Christmas is around the corner still hanging around in his Halloween gear].

He's had some sweet holiday moments as well. Seeing his expression and that brain spin at his sister's first snow globe just about melted my heart into a little puddle!  Decorating the tree with him brought on a new dimension of fun!  Ornaments for a baby translates as a taste testing opportunity.  I'm pretty sure he thinks pulling them off the tree should be a sport because it is so fun.  Extra points for hiding them under the couch once they fall!    

When he sees Santa this year, I am sure he would tell him the one thing he wants under that tree is food and snacks.  Forget the toys!  If you know this little man, you know he absolutely loves to eat!!  He's all about his little food pouches.

In the perfect world I would be the kind of mom who makes all of his food and bakes his snacks, but that is just not our reality.  That's why I love Happy Family!  Happy Family was founded by moms and is operated by moms.  They believe that the right nutrition will set baby up for a healthy future.
My favorite in the Happy Family line are the food pouches.  We are always on the go, driving big sister to school and back, grocery shopping, visiting family, and who knows what else.  These are perfect because he can eat anytime, anywhere.   I love that this one has a little dairy to help ease his stomach before he goes all the way.  Most of the pouches are Kosher and don't contain ingredients that babies are prone to be allergic to [soy, fish, nuts, egg].  You can see the Allergy Chart for all the food pouches of Happy Family.  

Now these puff are his favorite and I have to admit, my three year old and I like to snack on them too!  These are the perfect distraction when I am cooking dinner.  Happy Family strives to make every bite count, even in snacks.  They only use the best quality organic ingredients and some foods mix fruits and veggies to optimize nutrition.  These snacks have the super food kale and one of his favorite food pouches [pear, blueberry, pomegranate] has Salba the super Chia.  He loves it and I love that he is getting all the nutritional benefits of the chia seeds, which are a great source of omega-3s.  Visit the Happy Family website to learn about organic baby and toddler food

Happy Family also adds age appropriate extra nutrition whenever possible.  Their enlightened nutrition philosophy means that each meal or snack may include superfoods like whole grains amaranth and quinoa, and fruits and veggies like kale, mango and coconut.  Some products have Chia, probiotics, and plant-based DHA and choline.  Nutritious, yummy, and perfect for when we are on the go.  

Everyday until the end of December you will have a chance enter the Happy Family #TistheSqueezin Giveaway. Join Happy Family on Facebook and enter to win during December’s #TistheSqueezin giveaways! Happy family under the tree will surely bring smiles to your little ones [especially if yours likes to eat as much as mine does].  Enjoy a $1 off coupon for Happy Family baby food pouches
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