Friday, January 30, 2015

Felt Envelop for Daily Love Letter

During one of my frequent visits to Target I saw these darling little felt envelops for only A DOLLAR [each]!  My first thought was.... I must turn them into a Valentine Advent!  You know me and how much I love counting down to holidays.  We will be counting down with a love letter a day.

I took home three, attached some ribbon, and personalized each one with my loves names with puffy fabric paint.

I couldn't pick one kind of "I love you because" note so I printed out a whole lot of them!  I figure I would keep them on the counter so anyone can write a love note to whoever and place it in the envelop.  I will of course be writing one to the little lady and the hubby everyday.  Probably use a few for writing practice for the little lady to write to her daddy.

I use to love getting love letters.  I think the last time I really wrote them was when we were in high school.  I would write them to the hubby on my lined notebook paper, fold it into a heart and place it on his car or in his back pack.  Ha!

Twelve years later I'm trying to revive the love letter.   This is my first year trying this so I'm hoping it goes well.  Just couldn't pass up those adorable envelopes!

 Until next time.  Toodles!


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