Sunday, January 18, 2015

Keep Track of your Tasks with ATacker

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WonderApps for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
I am always on the hunt for new apps that help make life easier.  ATracker is one of my new app gems.  It is so easy to use and I can use it for the little lady too.  We have so many things to do in one day it is easy to get distracted, especially on the internet or online shopping on my iphone [yup I'm guilty!].   ATracker allows you to prioritize what you need to do for the day and keep track of how much time you spend doing it.  It's easy to enter each task and starting the time is as simple as pressing the icon for that particular activity.

Every day [except Tuesday and Thursday] I usually spend an hour home schooling the little miss. She isn't always the biggest fan and with ATracker I can tell her we will finish at a certain time and show her when we finish.  It's so easy, I just press the homeschooling icon and the time starts.  Press it again and it stops. I can also track how much TV she watches or how much Ipad time she gets.    

I use it for housework.  Sometimes it feels like I spend all day doing housework but when I see the actual amount of time on ATracker it really isn't much.  My favorite thing is the little icons you can place on tasks and that you can color code it. 

ATracker also creates charts of how you have spent your time so you can really see where your time is going.  It keeps those priorities in check.  Curious to see how much time you actually spend on facebook or social media?  Playing video games?  Download the free version at WonderApps and find out!

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