Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pray for Harper

About a week ago I saw this on Facebook and was wondering what had happened to our friends daughter Harper.  Cheryl is our friend from High School and on January 17th her precious 18 month old daughter Harper almost drowned.  

It broke my heart and since finding out I just get teary thinking about how hard it must be for them and for Harper.  I have been praying for sweet Harper and following the updates since I found out and am so pleased she is doing better.  You can read THIS article to find out what happened and follow the updates on the facebook page Praying for Harper.

Harper isn't out of the woods yet and still needs prayer and that is why I wanted to share this story with you.  Her MRI showed damage to her brain but the doctors don't know to what extent.  I believe that God can do a miracle and heal her completely. 

  Join me in praying that she continues to heal and they are able to take her home soon.  Pray for her parents Cheryl, Jeremiah and Harper's siblings.  If you would like to do more along with praying for this family, there is a Go Fund Me account set up for them HERE and a Take them a Meal HERE

So take the time today and say a little prayer for Harper.  

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