Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quilt Along: Finishing that Plus Quilt

There are times when I start things with the full intention of finishing... good intentions.  Then life gets in the way and those things get pushed further down on the priority list until it gets lost.  That's pretty much what happened with my quilt along idea.  Whoops!  Sorry about that.

If you are wondering why I have decided to finally finish this series of posts, it's because I have this huge itch to quilt and sew again.  HUGE itch!  It's been months since I've sewn and even longer since I've quilted. So until I can find the time I'll just reminisce. 

Here is the series of posts from this quilt along...


Click on the picture links above to read the posts. 

Part One gives a sneak peak and shares the story behind this quilt, which is one of my favorites.
Part Two is the pattern and the pieces.
Part Three is sewing all the pieces together.

Now the final step is adding the batting and finishing it off.  Putting everything together is like creating a sandwich.  The back with the right side facing the floor, then the batting, top it off with the top of the quilt right side facing up.  You can pin and baste, but because this quilt is smaller and I decided to only do horizontal lines I didn't.  I rolled up the quilt on each ends to make it easier to fit it in my basic machine.

Then starting from the center I quilted straight lines.  The reason I chose to only do horizontal lines is because I am still an amateur quilter so my vertical squares didn't line up and it would have been completely obvious if I did the vertical lines. 

To create some design I did quilt the orange plus signs vertically and that turned out really nice. 

Once everything is quilted you can trim the extra batting off. 

Sew on the bias tape and TADA a plus sign quilt! 

A cute little reminder to stay positive.

This is one of my favorite quilt designs and I absolutely love all the colors on it!  Now can you see why I am getting the itch to quilt again.  Can you guess what my next quilt will be? 

You can check out some of the other quilts I have made from the first one to my next one and so on by clicking on the picture links below.....


Until next time.  Toodles!

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