Friday, January 23, 2015

The Best Queso Dip

What do you get when you put Ro*Tel and Velveeta together?!  
A party!!  
You make this and the people will come.  It is the best queso dip.... zesty, creamy, irresistible and my favorite  easy.  [Seriously though.]  I wish I could take credit for discovering this addictive combination but I can't.  It came from my sister.  Whenever I make this Queso dip with Ro*Tel and Velveeta I always think of her.  She makes it for every family gathering, for birthday parties, and it is always a hit.
It's super easy to make.  Chop up the Velveeta cheese.  Pour the Ro*Tel on top and when it melts together serve with chips. Or wheat thins.  Or pour it on your hot dog.  It will make something good even better.  Sometimes I will put the Velveeta and Ro*Tel in my mini crock pot and let it cook itself and then turn it to warm when I'm ready to serve.  
Ever since she shared this Queso dip with me I too bring it to every event and people always talk about how good it is and ask what is in it.  They are so surprised to find out that it is just two simple ingredients... Ro*Tel and Velveeta.  People can't believe it is really that easy to make something that tastes so good!  I always have a can of Ro*tel and some Velveeta cheese in my pantry in case we have an impromptu visit from family or friends.  
I have to admit that it is also my hubby's favorite football snack and that is another reason why our pantry is always stocked with Ro*Tel and Velveeta. Definitely going to be making a big batch for Super Bowl Sunday.  
This picture proves it.  As I am taking a picture of the Queso dip...
He is asking me for more.  Ha! 
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