Friday, February 27, 2015

Fitness Friday: Mentally and Phyically Preparing


Hard to believe a whole week has already gone by since I shared my fitness journey with you all.  I also introduced my friend Salma who will be my fitness coach for the next 21 days in case you missed it.  

This week I have been mentally and physically preparing to tackle this.  When I dive in and make a commitment like this I want to stick to it wholeheartedly.  No excuses for 21 days.  Hard work. Consistency.  Making time.  SO let's do this!

A few days ago my box came [woo hoo]!  I went through it and read everything.  I at first wanted to do Insanity Max 30 because it fit my schedule better; 30 minutes a day, five days a week. BUT with my knee injury from the past bothering me I just can't handle high impact right now.  So I chose to do Piyo which TO ME is a little more of a commitment.  

Here's the monthly suggested schedule which I plan on following.  6 days a week or working out with one rest day. I am going to have to change out some of the days and make my rest day maybe a Thursday instead of Saturday but I hope to follow the workout plan as it shows.  The work out times vary and luckily actually work around mine and the kiddos schedule.

In the box I also got the Shakeology, which I'm pretty excited about trying.  I can't commit to clean eating yet because I love junk food and making hearty fatty dinners but slowly and surely I hope we can start eating a little healthier as a family.

 I also bought my last box of Cinnabon for the next 21 days... told the hubby it was my last hurrah.  And while I was at the mall picking up my Cinnabon I also grabbed my first pair of workout pants [7.99 clearance at Aeropostale].

Let me just say they don't make me feel like working out but they are so comfortable they actually make me feel like bumming on the couch.  Yikes.  Why do they make them so comfortable!?  I love them though and will have to get a second pair.  The last time I bought work out related clothes was my running shorts from freshman year of college [8 years ago!] which was suppose to motivate me to start running.  This will be a nice addition to those shorts that I always wear.

Now I am pretty much ready to start on Monday.  I'm feeling a excited and a little nervous.  I know the first few days are going to kick my out of shape butt.  I haven't taken my before pictures yet so maybe I'll share that next week but did list my goals for the next 21 days.  Can't measure progress without goals right?

Here's what I hope to accomplish:
1.  Consistently working out 6 days a week.
2.  Cook two healthy dinners a week. 
3.  Make sure to eat a real breakfast EVERY single day.
4.  Have a fruit or veggie snack every single day. 

I entered these into my coach me app so wish me luck on my first week!  Be sure to follow Salma on Instagram because I guarantee you she will motivate you.  If you are interested in getting in shape with me you can contact her at

 Until next time.  Toodles!

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