Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to Make a Puppy Cake

The little lady celebrated her birthday recently so I thought I would start sharing with the cake.  This year's cake was time consuming but definitely one of the easiest I have made. It looks more complicated than it is but the cuteness is totally worth the work.  When she saw it she said It's adorable!  

Like with all party things this cake started off as an idea on Pinterest.  You can check out my Puppy Party board HERE.  This is my first attempt at this cake so it isn't perfect but if I were a professional it would look like THIS.  I got the basic layout for the cake from THIS pin and later you will see where I messed up the face.  If you are looking for something adorable and not 3D I would go with THIS cake.

So here's the how to.  You start with some cake rounds and cupcakes.  Trim the tops of the cake round so they are even.

Take one of the rounds, add frosting to half of it, cut it in half and put the two halves together like the second top picture.  This is the body.  I then trimmed a little off the front of the body and added frosting.  Now it's time to cut the shape of the face.  This is where I made a mistake because you need two of these [the second one smaller than the first].  I only did one... whoops.  Add some frosting and attach the face to the body.  

Trim some of the cupcakes and add the snout and paws. 

The hind legs of the cake are like triangles.  Add some frosting and attach to the back of the cake.  Cupcakes for the back paws.

The ears and tail are really up to you.  You can do droopy side ears, I chose pointy triangle ears and tail.  I used some sewers to keep them in.  

Now for the fun... Decorating it.  I got a basic decorating kit for Christmas and bought some disposable bags.  So much easier than having to wash frosting bags over and over again.  Here's a tip I learned, place the bag in a tall glass to make it easier to fill.

I used three colors; white, brown, and light brown.  I mixed vanilla into the chocolate to make the brown and a tiny bit of chocolate in vanilla for light brown.  I marked the white spots on the puppy, then the light brown and filled the rest in.

I didn't want to deal with black frosting so I bought a decorating tube of black for the nose and eyes.  I made pink marshmallow fondant for the hair bow.  

Used my grass tip to cover the cake plate and WALA a puppy cake!  

It's not as hard as it looks and cost me about $15 dollars to make which isn't bad at all.  All the work worth it to see her face light up.

And just for fun we made a little video of the process.  Love that little voice!
A video posted by Patty (@makeitcozeee) on

Can't wait to share the rest of this fun party!  

Enjoy the snow day east coast friends.
Until next time.  Toodles!







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  1. Seriously, cutest party idea ever!! I just love this cake :)


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