Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet my Lovely and Inspiring Coach Salma

If you caught the post on Friday you know I'm about to start my fit for life journey again. Wanted to drop in and introduce my lovely coach to you, the lovely Salma Perez!!
Hi! I am so excited to have this opportunity from Patty to reach out to you! Yes, YOU! I am here to tell you that you can have the body you’ve always wanted or had whether or not you’ve had children. Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, build or tone muscle, or just be and feel HEALTHY, I can help you! We are all capable of improving our health and fitness by the choices we make. Hopefully by the time you finish learning about me and what I do, we can connect to help you get started on your fitness journey!
Patty and I met in junior high [her team beat mine twice in the championship for volleyball and yes I'm still bitter about it hehe] and attended high school together. We were always active in sports and school activities and have been fortunate enough to continue our friendship beyond those years. I loved reading her blog posts and seeing her beautiful pictures that captured precious moments with her family. But I truly admired how she managed to get back to her pre-baby body after 2 kids! When I was pregnant I made sure to follow Patty’s blog so I could pick up tips on mom hacks and how to get back into those skinny jeans. 
But even after following Patty and other fit moms on Instagram, I allowed myself to gain 60 pounds during my pregnancy! I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me but I knew this was something I wanted so I was willing to work for it.


I am a virtual health and fitness coach. Sounds weird, right? But it has been the best decision I’ve made in a VERY long time. I have the honor and opportunity to work with other women and men who finally said enough is enough! We have all made the conscious decision to change our lives for the better. We want to be fit and healthy. If this sound like something you are ready for, keep reading!

As far as being a virtual health and fitness coach, my main goal is to help you stay motivated and keep you accountable as you embark on the hardest yet most rewarding journey: your HEALTH! The best part about it is that this all takes place in the comfort of your own home. I hold accountability groups on Facebook where I help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals while completing home workout programs such as Insanity, P90X, 21 Day Fix, Piyo and too many more to name.
I became a coach in September 2014 after I completed my first challenge group with my coach Brittany Powers (@fitmom_fitbritt) and I was hooked! The people in the group were so supportive and helpful and I wanted to pay it forward and do the same for others, hopefully you! Challenge groups are held at least once a month, sometimes more often depending on the number of challengers. They are either program specific or mixed so you might meet someone who is completing the same workout program as you or trying something different. In the end, we all have the same end goal: to improve our lives all around!
As I mentioned before, I have always been active and never really had an issue with weight loss until I had my son, Grayson. I was so scared to hang onto that baby weight so I wanted to take control of the situation as early as possible. Don’t get me wrong, Grayson is surely the light of my life. I don’t live this life for myself anymore and I want to show Grayson early on the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle. I think he actually enjoys watching me and the people in the workout videos.

These home workout programs have definitely worked miracles for me. Before getting pregnant I was a soccer referee, working games at all competitive levels including collegiate and international friendly matches. I have not ran a single day during my training and I have managed to jump right back onto the pitch with no doubt in my fitness. Did I mention I completed a Spartan Race when I was 4 months postpartum?


I’m not trying to toot my own horn, I just want to show you that it is possible to get into the shape you have always wanted! Doesn’t matter your fitness level now. You can do ANYTHING. Really, ANYTHING. And I want to show you that you can do it! This is Erika, one of my very first challengers. We coached high school soccer together and she signed up to do my first 21 Day Fix Challenge Group in November 2014. We both knew she had a rough journey ahead of her but we both committed and she has seen results! She is currently down 45 pounds after completing the 21 Day Fix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_5g5rh1ezY and the new Insanity Max 30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3oBSL0SJ9g. She hasn’t reached her goal weight YET but she doesn’t plan on stopping until she reaches it. But just look at her face, she’s HAPPY! And I want YOU to be happy, too!

If I have somehow sparked any interest in you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. You can follow me on Instagram (@graycefitness), add me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/perez.salma), or send me and email (graycefitness@gmail.com). I would love to chat with you about your health and fitness goals and what I can do to help you achieve them! I am here for you whenever you are ready. Thank you for taking the time to read about my passion. I hope to connect with you soon!


Programs completed: 21 Day Fix and Insanity Max 30. Currently completing 21 Day Fix Extreme.

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