Thursday, February 26, 2015

Trade in Your Wallet for a Kapotas

The days of carrying a real wallet are over.  Most of the time I am juggling the two kiddos in and out from here to there, the last thing I want to carry is a purse or even a big wallet.  I have resorted to just carrying my phone, which is why Kapotas Designs  are great!  They are minimal additions to cell phones that allow me to hold my id and credit card without having to carry another bulky wallet along with my phone.
Kapotas Wallets are made in the USA with 100% Genuine Leather.  The back is a Micro-Suction that bonds to a smooth, flat, clean surface just like a suction cup.  The back is not pressure  sensitive and will rebond repeatedly.  No worries about any residue on the phone, it won't leave any because it isn't a sticker its micro-suction.
It's super easy to use. You line up the target surface, press firmly and done.  To remove, you pull from one of the edges.  Easy and holds just what you need.  Four credit cards and up to ten business cards. There are also Kapotas Wallets with a cash sleeve that allows you to hold up to 10 US bills.  How awesome is that!  Everything you need in one place.
It's a one of a kind wallet that would make the perfect gift for anyone.  I'm loving these cute prints!!

And this fur one is really unique!

  I know my sister would love it because she could use it when she goes out to the bar at night.  My little sister would love it because she could carry everything in one place when she goes to the gym.  It would also make a great father's day gift for the hubby who hates his big wallet. Check out the site for more information!
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kapotas Designs for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

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