Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Crafts: Love Bug and Flamingo

February is always a crazy month for me.  Makes my head spin just thinking about it.  If you follow my blog you would know it is because my little love bug's birthday is the week before Valentine's Day so I never get the chance to really do Valentine's Day the way I would like to. My attention is usually focused on a party [and this year it's a puppy themed one].  Regardless, I still try to do some heart filled crafts and personalized cards for the grandparents.  This year it's flamingos and love bugs. 

These of course are inspired by Pinterest and you can find a whole lot of inspiration on my Vday Pinterest board.  

I got these wood hearts at a craft store and couldn't figure out what to do with them so little man's footprint went on there.  I couldn't do a lady bug because of the red heart but sadly saw the love bug bee too late.  So note to yourself that you can do a bee or a lady bug.  Still came out cute. Just a tip for getting those baby foot prints... sit them in their high chair with a tray of goodies.  This works great if you have a wiggly little one like mine. 

The flamingo was so cute I couldn't resist.  We did one hand print the wrong way but it still turned out cute.

And here are some crafts we have done in the past...

This has to be one of my favorites.  I turned her painting into THIS card.

The I love you to pieces card.

Heart fish craft.

The heart tree.

We made these fun juice boxes for her class party last year 

and these fun butterfly lollipops.

Looking for something for the hubby?  I skipped this one this year but it's a fun one and he enjoys it too. 

I also ditched the felt heart I made a few years ago but it was a cute idea.

Last year I whipped up a last minute heart and will be using it again this year.  Turns out she ended up loving that unicorn and it is now her favorite.  I'm debating about getting her a similar big eyed teeny baby in a different animal.

I may have gotten rid of the felt heart but I can't say no to felt.  I bought one dollar envelops and we are doing love letters everyday.  It's working out pretty nice and we are enjoying reading them.

Hope this inspires you to get in the Valentine mood and get crafty!  What are you planning on doing for Vday?

 Until next time.  Toodles!

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