Thursday, February 12, 2015

You're a-DOH-able

Last year we didn't have a big birthday party for the little miss so we got to spend more time making Valentine's for her class.  Cute lollipop butterflies and juice boxes for the party.  This year we were short on time so I showed her a few option on my VDay pinterest board and she chose....

The play doh one.  Sorry to the parents in advance.  I know how annoying play doh can be.  They did come out cute though.

Love that this year she got to write on all of them too.

  You can find this free print out HERE.  I cut the circles and she put the play doh inside the hole.  Super easy and in her words adorable.

For the teachers, I found THIS free printable, wrapped up some soap and lotion and BAM a cute teacher's gift. 

Seriously loving Pinterest for this Valentine's Day and all the free printables!  

What are you planning for Valentine's Day?  

Happy Sunday!
 Until next time.  Toodles!

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  1. These are so cute!! Those are little containers of Play Doh?? I didn't even know they made those, I love it!


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