Friday, March 6, 2015

Fitness Friday: Learning to Eat


I shared my fitness journey with you all.  I also introduced my friend Salma who will be my fitness coach for the next 30 days in case you missed it.  Preparing from last week.

It's been a full first week and I have to say it was awesome!!  I like to call the first few weeks the honeymoon phase because it is new, fresh, I'm motivated, excited and it's easy to stick to the program.  I'm trying to get the most out of this honeymoon phase as I can!

The difference between my attempts at fitness in the past and this time is the accountability.  I love it!!!  It may not be for everyone but it is fueling my fire.  It's all online, March Madness, three coaches, and women wanting to change.  We check in on Facebook in a private group everyday, answer questions, rate each day, share our struggles, get encouragement, inspiration.  It's a daily reminder about the commitment we all made for the month.  [You can follow my awesome coaches on Insta if you need motivation: Charlani and Salma]

One of the tasks was to make a vision board.  I saw this quote a few weeks back and thought it perfectly describes this journey for me.  I want to be a better me.  Take care of me so I can take care of my family. To be that fit healthy mom in the top right picture, to be able to look and feel great for this summer's family vacation and of course to eat right.

I  confess I am the ultimate junk food addict, I snack constantly, and a desserts every night kind of person.  I only eat fruits and veggies every so often.  I don't drink enough water and most days only have a coffee for breakfast.  Yikes!!!  This week I was really inspired by the ladies to meal prep.  Oodles of fruits, veggies, and hard boiled eggs.  I actually ate a serving of fruits everyday and traded in some of my unhealthy snacks for some of these options.  Say what?!  

To help solve that breakfast issue I did what one of the ladies did, made egg muffins.  Some days I don't have time to sit at the table with a bowl of cereal and milk.  I'm busy trying to get everyone out of the house so these are perfect!  Ten seconds in the microwave and eat them on the go.  I've already made two batches because everyone including baby boy loves them...  bacon cheddar and zucchini mushroom.  So yummy.
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This week I really learned that working out is only half the battle.  It's also about eating right.  I can honestly say that because I ate all three meals and snacked healthy I felt so much more energized, less bloated, and simply good.  I know because yesterday was a snow day... snow day brunch and junkies all day.  By the end of the day I was feeling sick to my stomach.  I'm not throwing out all of my goodies or "dieting", just trading in some of those unhealthy goodies for something fresh.

As for the work outs, I LOVE it!  I have a bad knee so too much impact with irritate it.  This is low impact and though my knee feels a little sore it's not swollen or so uncomfortable I have to wear my brace.  I'm hoping this actually strengthens it.  Piyo still gets me confused because the movements aren't grand but boy oh boy is my entire body aching!  The Piyo sweat lived up to it's name and I was sparkling even with some modified moves.

It's been an awesome fitness week.  I learned a lot about how to eat.  As my future sister in law says [yea Roach I'm talking about you] Ab's are made in the gym but shown in the kitchen. 

 Until next time.  Toodles!

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