Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fitness Friday: Staying Motivated

It's happened.  The honeymoon is over.  Now real life sets in and the fact that it is not Friday speaks volumes about how my fitness week went.  It was a crazy crazy busy week and fitting in eating healthy and working out was a challenge.  Lack of sleep thanks to teething and prepping little man's first party was surely a test.  Fighting the tired-ness, cranky-ness, busy-ness of life to stay motivated and reach my goal.  How did I make it through?  How did I stay motivated?

Failure is motivation.  This week I had a glimpse of what my days use to be and I didn't like it.  I'd say it was my worst fitness day of the month.  I knew I was up for a busy day driving all over running errands and didn't meal prep. I didn't eat breakfast, crap lunch, no snacks, no workout.  Awful.  My body just felt hungry, tired, and blah. 

 Thankfully I have the accountability group.  I didn't realize how important it was to have accountability.  The ladies are so encouraging, motivating and inspiring.  Seeing our coaches reminders and checking in every night with a quick rate 1-10 about our workout, eating, and water has kept me in line.  I missed that one workout and I hated having to put a zero for that day and ended up making it up on the "rest" day.  

I don't know about you but shopping for me is always a good motivator [insert girly giggle].  Since I have discovered how amazingly comfortable active wear is I am addicted.  They make the clothes too comfy I want to seriously wear them all day everyday.  Who needs jeans anyways?!  Really grateful to have such an amazing husband.  He's seen my commitment and hard work and treated me to a new workout outfit.

AND some new kicks!  I haven't seriously ran since my knee injury so we call them my walking shoes.  The last time I bought "running shoes" was freshman year of college when I wanted to get motivated to start running.  That was about 7 years ago so I'm well over due.  I'm loving the spring-y colors and they are motivating me to get out there and go for a little jog/walk. 

The biggest motivation is seeing the change in my body and ability.  I took before pictures and measurement and just did an update Thursday.  Wow I can really see the difference!  I'm not quite ready to show them yet but seeing the change has left me wanting more.  The amazing part is I am eating more than I was before but still have lost two inches in my belly and waist.  Say what?! [just a note.... that is not me in the picture]

On Saturday after the party I did the Piyo Sweat workout and reached one of my goals of doing the entire workout without modification [yup all the push ups] and I did it!  my body was dying but I did it!  Reached one of my goals.  Talk about motivation!! 

What are some things that keep you motivated??  

 Until next time.  Toodles!

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