Friday, March 13, 2015

Fitness Friday: Strength and Flexibility

Almost two weeks since I've started and I'm still on the fitness honeymoon.  I'll rate these two weeks the way our March Madness accountability group rates ourselves each day.  Eating 7, workout 9.5, Water 7.  You can still see where my struggles are but the workouts have been amazing!  

I'm seriously loving Piyo.  It''s low impact so no knee pain and it's 20-35 minutes a day [which has turned out to be totally do-able even after a crazy week like this past one]  I would consider it to be the girl version of P90X.  It's not as intense but still gives the results.  I also love that one of the girls always shows every single modified move in the workout.  This has proven to be very very helpful for me!  

I'm not ready to show my before picture yet but I took a progress one yesterday.  The physical changes are subtle...

But my improving strength and flexibility are evident.  It is actually amazing.  I know touching your toes is no big DILL to most people but I can't even remember the last time my NON limber self was able to do it.  It's actually embarrassing for me.  Two weeks of Piyo and now I can!  Amazing.  Yup fingers to toes with straight legs. Ha! Loving that piyo works that flexibility.  After two weeks I'm  also able to do the planks and push ups in the work outs.  

 If you can't already tell by how excited I am about being able to touch my toes, I am a person who celebrates small victories.  Like eating breakfast every morning even if it means it's a Shakeology shake to go.

Or trading in some of those boxed salty sweet snacks for something a little more fresh.  It's been neat to see this little lady ask to try what I am eating.  Earlier this week she said she can't eat pumpkin seeds because they will turn her green... Ha!  Then today she announced she likes it after all.  

 And because the weather was so wonderful this week, I walked with the kiddos to get some groceries and wasn't huffing, puffing, muscles burning like usual.  We even jogged some of it!  Say what?! 

Starting this fitness program has been the best decision I've made this year.  I really wanted to get healthy and I'm slowly getting there.  Looking forward to seeing the progress in another few weeks!  

 Until next time.  Toodles!

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