Friday, April 3, 2015

If You Fail to Plan You Plan to Fail

One of the biggest things I learned over my month of fitness with my coach, Salma [and the other lovely coaches in our accountability group] was how to meal plan.  In my case, it it also means snack plan.  Our lives, just like everyone else is busy and on the go. From pre-school, to gym, swim, gymnastics, church, play dates, running errands.  You get the picture.  Over the month I learned to prepare our food for the upcoming day.   The night before our "going out" day, I would anticipate how long we would be out and pack enough good stuff to keep all of us fueled.  Ten minutes before bed well spent.

Our coach Charlini always said.... fail to plan, plan to fail.  It's a quote that I always think about when it comes to food because there is so much truth in that statement. Fail to plan and I end up at the drive thru spending money on blah.  Fail to plan and I don't eat and just settle for a coffee for breakfast.  Yikes! 

I've always been pretty good about packing snacks for the kids but I'll admit I didn't always make healthy choices because turning to the  pre-packaged "junk" food is just the easiest way to go.  Don't get me wrong, I still pack those old treats occasionally.... a bag of chips here, fruit snacks there, cookies at times, but now we don't do it all the time.  I want the kids to grow up learning to make healthy choices.  I love junk food too but mow we have it in moderation. 

Over the month I really pushed to make an effort to pack healthier options, even if that means we have a lunch box with a ice pack in it.  Our snacks look more like this now.  This is exactly what it looks like to feed the three of us on our gym days.  ALL this consumed in three hours.  

And on busy morning when we have to do breakfast fast we usually have some egg muffins [like in the first picture] or Chobani Greek Yogurt squeezes.  I was so excited when Chobani asked me to share how Chobani is apart of our healthy lifestyle because the kiddos love these squeeze tubes!  My little man can down one of those little squeeze pouches in 30 seconds flat, no joke.  I love them too.... no spoon necessary, easy when you're on the go.  The kids love the flavors and I freeze the chocolate ones and they think they are getting a special dessert.  Ha!

They have also become our go to snack when we only have a short break between gym time to swim.  I don't want them going into the pool hungry so I usually give them some yogurt to hold them over until lunch.  No objection there!  If you have an even smaller little person be sure to check out Chobani Tots which have yogurt with fruits and or veggies! 

This little guy is one serious Chobani eater.  He doesn't mess around and always asks for seconds.  I love seeing his little cheeks squeeze all that yogurt out!  It's adorable! 
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If you're following along on my fitness journey and want to join in, remember that nutrition is 85%.  So the next time you know you have a busy day with the kiddos, plan plan plan.  Try to choose healthy over convenience.  Sometimes you can find snacks that are both, like Chobani.  

 Until next time.  Toodles!

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