Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Faves with Quite Dainty

My lovely friend Dannielle from Quite Dainty is keeping me in the blogging world and I'm so thankful she's asked me to collaborate with her for our spring faves!  Remember our favorites from last year? [Make it Cozee & Quite Dainty.]

Just like last year my favorites are all over the place!  I'm loving a little bit of everything.

Since I started my fitness journey, switching from sodas and juices to water has been a huge change. We are now a Camelbak family.  I love the kid ones because I think they are the perfect size!  I call it my grown up sippy cup and it's easy to drink from while I'm working out on the treadmill or dying in the spin class.

The kiddos love it and little man is getting his next.

Since we are talking about working out, ever since I bought my first real pair of workout clothes and shoes I've been hooked.  Just got a new pair of running shorts yesterday.  C9 apparel is on sale at Target and $5 off $25.  Loving the bright color and the attached tight shorts underneath.

We've been snacking on oodles of fruit.  I'm a tropical girl... I love  my pineapple, kiwi, meolons and mangos are close to my heart and soul right now.  Bring me back to being a kid.  It sounds gross but I eat mine with soy sauce.

With all this awesome weather we've been spending tons of time outside.  Loving my new picnic blanket from Pick Your Plum.  It's only ten bucks.  Waterproof on the bottom and soft on top.  Folds up nicely with velcro.  Can't wait to take this to the lake!

Will also be taking our cute jellies!  Ahhh talk about blast from the past.  I loved jellies then and I still love them now.  Definitely a huge fave!

And my last Spring fave is my new mom pack... yup trading in my purse for a back pack because we are going to be doing some traveling.  How cute is this?!  Can't wait to carry this along with me to the farm, big apple, and Cali this spring and summer.

Can you guess what Dannielle's faves are for this spring?  Head over to QUITE DAINTY to find out!

What are some of your Spring faves?

 Until next time.  Toodles!

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