Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lessons From My Kids


Happy Mother's Day to all you Mamas out there!!

When I had my babies I didn't realize that over the years I would learn as much as I would teach.  Both these munckins may not realize it but they have helped to shape the person I am today.  Even now as I write this they are helping me let go of my selfishness because this years Mother's Day I'll be nursing them back to good health [and that's what moms are for!]. 

There was nothing that tested my patience like potty training.  Tamed my temper like public tantrums.  Told my type A side to be more flexible and understanding.  I learned how to love deeper and ask for forgiveness.  Yes, verbally ask them for forgiveness because even though I am the adult in our relationship I'm not perfect and I've made mistakes.  

They taught me how to be prepared for just about anything.  Why do you think my bag is so big? Forgetting diapers and wipes could be detrimental because it would be the one time she has a poop blow out in her pants [yup it happened].

They taught me how to share.  Share my time, space, food, drinks, possessions, my bed, my everything.  I've learned to let go of perfection.  A perfectly clean house, perfectly behaved kids, perfect body, perfect outfit, perfect family.

This year, they have taught me the importance of having time to myself.  That my health and wellness is as important as theirs.  When I am doing well spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, it overflows to them.

I'm proud and honored that they call me mom.  These crazy kids inspire me to be a better mom.  A better wife.  A better person.

 Until next time.  Toodles!

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