Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why I Became a Coach

I didn't think that at 28 years old I could find something I was as passionate about as teaching elementary school kids, but I have.  I've never really been a big health and fitness person.  To be honest, I would only workout right before summer and after having the babies.  The health part was really full of chocolate and junk food. Ha!  BUT after finishing up my first fitness challenge back in March I fell in love.  I felt so good... mind, body, and soul.  It led to me being an official Beach Body coach... yup that's my I'm now a coach picture.

The challenge was awe-inspiring.  Sticking to something for 30 days [now 90 days] taught me discipline in a lot of areas in my life, especially my faith  [another topic for another day].  I found my soul mate workout, PIYO [it's hands down the best].  I've learned a lot about food and how to work different areas of my body.  My family is eating better and the hubby and I have found another something we can enjoy together.  Sure, he's running at an 8-9 speed on the treadmill and I'm at a 5-6 but we get to run together and even do circuit training side by side.  Shakeology smoothies afterwards [insert cheesy happy wifey smile]. 

Not only have I found a new passion and a fitness plan that worked for me, but I fell in love with the accountability groups.  This is really the reason why I became a coach.  I became a coach for you. Yup YOU!

Even before deciding to be an official coach, I already told my coach Salma I want to run the accountability groups.  That's how passionate I am about them,  I really enjoy getting to know people.  I'm all for encouraging and inspiring one another.  I want to be there to support you in your journey.  I want to help you reach those goals, one week at a time.  I'm a bit of a pusher, in hopes it motivates you to make it happen!  And through the process, it brings me so as much joy to see the changes in the challengers.  It's not only their bodies and eating habits, but mentality.  To hear someone say, I didn't think I could, and the I've never stuck to something for this long.  It is simply amazing!

I've finished my first month and running my very first challenge, but it's only the beginning. It affirmed that this is exactly where I'm suppose to be and this is exactly what I am suppose to be doing.  One day, I hope to get PIYO certified and take some nutrition classes.  I am looking forward to the many more challenges and success stories that I know will happen this year.  Looking forward to meeting new faces and taking this passion further.

 And a shameless plug... if you want to join in on any of the challenges,email me!  I'd love to meet you.  Know that I will be committed to you as much as you are committed to me.

Until next time.  Toodles!

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