Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hormel Turkey Avocado Sandwich

When it comes to food I try to choose what is tasty and nutritious for our family and friends.  As best as we can I try to avoid preservatives and something wholesome.  That's why I love HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® deli meats.  I love the taste and the convenience.  The deli meats are sliced to the right thickness, there are no nitrates or added hormones, and the options make it easy to create a sandwich or snack everyone would love.  This turkey avocado is a hands down hit every time!  Once you've had this you'll want to make the naturalchoice too. 
It's simple but so yummy.
Bread of your choice
Baby Lettuce 

  I mix a little mayo and avocado with some salt.  Layer everything in a tasty bread of your choice and in no time you have a delicious lunch!

I had a mommy lunch date today and I can tell you this simple sandwich was a hit!  She loved it and so did her daughter.

  It's easy to make, looks pretty and so delicious! 

HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® products are made with a recyclable box so you'll be able to recognize them right away in the grocery store.  It's easy to find and available right down the street at our local grocery store!  No need for me to head to any specialty store.

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