Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kids Replay What You Display

It's a little odd but the treadmill is a place of reflection and thoughts.  I put my head phones in, run and listen to my "Jesus" music [as the little lady calls it].  These thoughts are completely random just like me.  Ha!  But today I was thinking about the kiddos [total mom with the who knows what stain on my shirt and loose thread on my shoe.]

Maybe it's because this morning she walked down the stairs with one of my workout headbands on her head and said she was ready to go to the gym.  But as I am running this question came to my mind.
What is that one thing I want my kids to learn from me the most?   Is it my creativity, love for school, books, sports, fitness... 

Kid's watch everything we do.  We know that they listen to what we say but DO what we DO.  They replay what we display.  I do want them to grow up and be smart, athletic, healthy, giving, kind [and the list is endless] but the biggest thing I want them to learn from me is this...

How to love God and how to love others.  
I don't mean that cliche kind of love... but the love that shows commitment, gives times, and takes sacrifice.  The deep kind of love.  

I want them to see that my relationship with Jesus is as real as my relationship with them and their daddy.  I love Him.  I spend time with him.  I talk to him.  Sing to him.  Share exciting things going on in my life with him... daily.  They have seen me drop to my knees and cry to him when things get tough [seriously].  He's part of every decision I make.  I ask him for advice.  I pray to him on behalf of others.  Ask him for forgiveness when I mess him.  I listen to the things he says to me.  My desire is to make Him happy.  I love him.  

I want them to grow up and love people.  To decipher how this love looks differently between our family, friends, strangers.  That no matter how different someone is we can still show them love, compassion, joy, mercy.  I want them to see what it looks like for a husband to love his wife and vice versa through our marriage.  That this love isn't perfect, sometimes it argues, it takes work and compromise.  Forgiveness.  Resolution.  I want them to see that they have been blessed with so much that these blessings should flow to others.  I want them to love with encouraging words, smiles, giving to others their time and talents and physical things.  

If there is one thing I want them to learn from me I hope it's how to love God and how to love others.

And on that note I will end it with one more selfie of the three of us.

Happy Wednesday!! Until next time.  Toodles!

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  1. As I read through this, I couldn't help but have flashbacks of who you were, who you always said you wanted to be, and who are you now. I can't believe how God is working in your life...DAILY. I don't have to see it to believe it. Your guys' little ones are definitely blessed to have you as parents and to have a mommy that continues going for her dreams. Praying for you!! Keep going!!

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