Thursday, June 4, 2015

Loving Her Machine Washable Stride Rite Shoes

When my little lady was just a baby, my mother in law always emphasized the value of shoes for baby's and kids.  She told me that when my hubby was little she would make sure he was wearing comfortable shoes that would last through his countless hours of play and she always chose Stride Rite.  The first high quality pair of shoes my daughter ever got were from my mother in law and you better believe that they were from Stride Rite.  Now it's mommy's turn to get her the next pair.  

She's much older now and that means she plays even harder so shoes are taking a beating.  Running, biking, playing soccer in the street with her friends, and zooming on the sidewalk in her scooter.  This summer I knew she was going to need a good but also very cute pair of shoes because now it matters to her what she wear.  Safe to say she loves them!  As soon as she opened them she wanted to wear them around the house all day. 
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I chose the Scarlet from the Made 2 Play Collection.  The number one reason why is because they are Machine Washable.  Let me say that again, machine washable!  If you have an active kid like mine you know these shoes will get dirty and these are designed with dirt shredding soles. They also have an anti-stink lining that helps keep the shoe odor free.  I love how adorable they are. 

They can easily be worn with pants, a summer dress, or leggings.  There are so many cute options from Stride Rite Made 2 Play for girls   She loves the colors...

and the fact that she can easily put them on herself.  The Grip and go strap makes it easy for her little fingers and in no time we can be out the door.  

The toe is reinforced for durability.

They are comfortable for jumping and playing because of the memory foam insoles.  

We are loving these shoes and I'll be getting some for the little man too.  Have you seen Stride Rite Made 2 Play for boys.  I can see why they consistently get a 4.5-5 star rating.  They were really thinking of mom's and kids when designing these great shoes.  Did I mention they are machine washable?  That really was what sold me on these cute shoes. 

So head over to Stride Rite and check out the Made 2 Play line!  There are so many different styles and options to choose from from baby to big kid.  The best part is from June 1st- June 30th you can use my personal 20% off code!  Enter COZEEKICKS at checkout for the discount.  
You can also find more about Stride Rite shoes by visiting their Facebook and Instagram pages.  
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