Friday, June 26, 2015

More Than Just a Run

 Back in 2012 I decided that I wanted to start running.  I thought it was something fun the hubby and I could do together since he enjoys running.  I was really into it and wanted to run a 5K.  He saw my commitment and even bought me a nice jogging stroller.

 Then just like that, after a few months of being in the best physical shape, I dislocated my knee moving a couch.

That injury didn't just hurt my knee but it damaged my confidence.  I didn't tear anything but the doctor told me that I really should get surgery and I was one bad step away from another dislocation.  That scared me.  Just this past December I was wearing a brace again because of the pain. 

In March I made a commitment to get healthy and even shared with you my fitness journey.  Found the perfect workout [Piyo] to help rehabilitate my knee.  This month didn't just get my "body back" but gave me my confidence back.  It made me stronger as a whole, showed me how to be consistent and discipline.  It gave me the courage to sign us up for the 5K I wanted to run three years ago.

This wasn't just a fun 5K.  It was me finishing what I had started back in 2012.  Telling my mind that my body was capable of doing this.  I was proving that doctor wrong that my knee should be operated on.  I was proving to myself that I can do more than what I had thought. 

It was a glow run so I of course dressed up.  I was excited and nervous.  

  I was happy that after 6 years of marriage, this desire [for us to workout together] was really becoming a reality.  There isn't anyone else I would have wanted to share this night with.  My better half.  The one who supports my crazy dreams and pushes me to want to be a better me.  

The run was way more challenging than what I had expected.  Through the woods and up a few hills.  

Mile two was a mental battle but I had him pushing me to keep going.  By the final mile, I was ready to walk but again I had that strong voice telling me we don't stop!  I really wanted to punch him at this point.  

But once I saw that finish line I was so excited.  We set a goal to run it in 40 minutes and thanks to my pushy hubby I did it in 35.  He was so sweet he even slowed down to take pictures of me finishing.

I was proud of me and I could tell he was proud of me.  It was a sweet moment we got to share together.

We joked and laughed over ice cream about how I almost didn't make it and how mad I was at him at that 3 mile mark.  Hands down one of the best date nights.

All this to say, Don't let your dreams just be dreams.  You'd be amazed at what you could do if only you would stop telling yourself I can't because... 

Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.

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Are there any dreams you have that you've been wanting to accomplish?

Until next time.  Toodles! 

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