Monday, July 6, 2015

Hormel Turkey Club... The Man Sandwich

If there is one thing my hubby loves it is a good wholesome sandwich.  Throw in some bacon and you have one happy man ready to tackle the rest of the day.  I always want to create something yummy and healthy for him and HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® Roasted Deli Turkey Club always knocked it out of the park.    He absolutely loves it!  I love that  HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® Roasted Deli Turkey has no preservatives, is nutritious, contains no nitrates or added hormones.  Once you've had this you'll want to make the naturalchoice too.

It's simple, fresh and guaranteed delicious.  How could it not be?  It also has  HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® Bacon. 

Bread of choice
HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® Roasted Deli Turkey Club
Baby Lettuce 

Add mayo to the bread, stack the ingredients, cut in half and you have a man sandwich!  Loaded with meat and bacon, this will win his heart.  The perfect weekend sandwich. 

I love using HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® deli meats because they are convenient and so versatile.  I can make sandwiches to pack in his lunch and they also make a great snack. 

I also use the HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® deli meats and the bacon in the salads he brings to lunch. Sometimes I'll throw slices in there and this time I added some bacon.

HORMEL®NATURAL CHOICE® deli meats are delicious and with all the options there is something for everyone!  You can create a lunch that's a hit for moms and kids.  Hormel Natural Choice products are made with a recyclable box so you'll be able to recognize them right away in the grocery store.  It's easy to find and available right down the street at our local grocery store!  No need for me to head to any specialty store.  

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