Friday, July 31, 2015

Purpose Through Your Talents

Thanks to getting strep I've slowed down.  There has been lots of laying around and reading.  Okay and podcast listening too.  What's neat is, the things I've been listening to are directly correlating with the things I'm reading.  Call it a coincidence but I say it's Godincidence. 

I listened to Chalene's podcast today, How Does Success Feel and I thought, how do I define success?  How do you define it?  Is it money, fancy cars, raising good kids? 
To me success is fulfilling the purpose that God has for me.

 Now that's kind of vague because what is my purpose?  Just so happens day one in my new devotional was about writing your personal vision statement... your purpose.  I love the way this author breaks it down... so much I want to share it with you.  Answer these three questions, my answers are listed below. 

1. List two of your unique personal qualities. 
[creativity, gift of encouragement]

2.  List two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others.
[creating things/environments, words of affirmation and praise]

3.  Assume the world is perfect.  Describe it as you see it. 
[No jealousy, peace, and people know their worth]

Now when you put these together, you have your personal vision statement or purpose.  
My vision is to use my creativity and my gift of encouragement to create and give words of affirmation to people so they know their worth and find peace. 

I just love this little formula because God has given each person their very own special and unique talents so he or she can use them to make a difference in this world.  If I am fulfilling my purpose, then I'm successful because that is what life is about.  It's about loving on people and serving them with your talents.  
  This couldn't have come at a better time for me as I am starting my business.  This is my vision statement for my business.  If  my vision is being fulfilled through my business then I say it's a success.  My hope is that women will know their worth and find their confidence.  I think a lot of these mommy wars and the jealousy we see in the world of women comes from this.  When we feel self conscious it's easy to bring another person or group down to make us feel better.  I've learned that having confidence in who I am and the decisions I make has allowed me to see the beauty in others without questioning my own beauty, because I know my worth. 

So I'm curious... what is your personal vision statement? 

Until next time.  Toodles! 

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  1. Every time I leisten to that episode, I am either driving or making someone's lunch ha ha ha! I always add to my mental list, next time will be with a pen and paper! Thank you for being you and sharing this!

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