Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Love Nested Bean's Zen Sleep Sack

Nested Bean is no stranger to us.  When my stud muffin was just an itty bitty, he pretty much lived in the Zen swaddle.  Looking back on this post kind of makes me a little emotional to think he was ever so little.  Little man was colicky and this super soft weighted swaddle was the only thing that helped him other than being carried in the carrier.  We loved it so much we owned two of them, we also had the classic.  

I really love Nested Bean and was so excited when I head about the new line of sleep sacs called the Zen Sack!

  The company not only pays attention to the quality of the product but also to the little details.  I put him in it before a nap instead of bed so you can actually see what the sleep sac looks and how cozy it is.  

I know he probably could use a blanket but he tosses and turns so much at night it always ends up falling off.  With the winter months coming it's even more on my mind to make sure he stays warm and cozy at night.  Who doesn't like being nice and cozy in a blanket?!

And the Zen Sack does just that because the top portion is lightly weighted. There are little beads in that cute chick and the top has an extra padding on the front.  That little extra weight really brings him more comfort as if I'm there holding him.  Just like with the swaddle, the sleep sacs grow with your itty bitty because the shoulders have two levels of shoulder snaps.  

My favorite part is that it has two zipper ends.  So to get them in, you unzip starting at the right all the way down.  If you just need to do a night time diaper change, you can unzip on the left and just a little but.  How convenient is that?!  They really had mom in mind with this design.

Did I mention the swaddles and the Zen sleep sacks are the softest cotton I've felt.  The soft Peruvian fabric is so gentle and comfy.  It also washes great!  Even though the sleep sac isn't made with super heavy material it does keep the little guy warm.  He was pretty toasty after this photo shoot and ready for his nap.  

The Zen Sack come in two sizes and the 6-12 months is a generous length.  Your baby will really get some use from it.  You get what you pay for because these Zen Swaddles and Zen Sleep Sacks because they will hold up to the test of time.  I've washed and washed them and they still look great.  

If you have littles HERE.  They will be thanking you even more if their baby ends up being colic.  Trust me!   They have the kiddos at heart but parents in mind.

or are about to have a little one, I highly recommend Nested Bean.  You can't find the quality that they offer.  Soft, comfy and durable.  Or if you know someone who is about to have a baby, do them a favor and get them the Zen Swaddle which is offered in an adorable gift wrapped gift set on the site

This is an item your little one will use daily, nightly, so don't compromise on the quality! 


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